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We'll tell you how to make the most of your money but also why money is not an end in itself and connecting financial goals to your life goals is really what you should be doing. Of course we will also still continue to provide tips for investors, business ideas for businessmen and comments on the economy, markets, companies, financial products, and trends.

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Previous Episodes

  • In Focus: Unlocking Myanmar’s Potential

    Myanmar continues to be a bright investment destination for Singapore and other foreign companies since the country opened its doors in 2011. As the country gears up for its landmark election next week – the first fully contested election for a quarter of a century – CNA Myanmar correspondent May Wong takes a look at the investment potential of this enigmatic ASEAN member.

  • In Focus: Doing Business in Myanmar

    Myanmar investment agency plans to introduce new laws to provide more incentives to up the amount of foreign investments in Myanmar. Channel NewsAsia’s Myanmar Correspondent, May Wong, finds out how the country wants to continue to make itself appealing to international firms.  

  • Market Pulse: Myanmar-linked stocks

    You want to have a stake in the Myanmar story. When the Yangon Stock Exchange starts trading in early December, you will be able to gain direct access to Myanmar companies. But, is there any other way you can play the Myanmar card? Money Mind’s Chor Khieng Yuit finds out.

Myanmar Special

Oct 31, 2015

As Myanmar gears up for general elections, businessmen weigh their options on how best to unlock the potential of this frontier market. How easy is it to do business there? And if you are a stock investor, what Myanmar plays should you buy?

  • In Focus: How the Rich Invest & Spend

    US$15.8 trillion - that's the amount of wealth owned by well-to-do people in the Asia Pacific .And in Singapore alone, there are at least 107,000 affluent individuals with wealth totaling US$543 billion. Money Mind’s Winnie Pascual gets a close-up view of how the rich spend and invest their money.

  • On The Sidelines: Women in the Boardroom

    Singapore is usually ahead of its Southeast Asian neighbours in many areas - but when it comes to gender diversity in the boardroom – it has fallen behind. Why are there so few women on Singapore’s boardrooms? And, how can Singapore close the gap on its peers? Money Mind’s Chor Khieng Yuit looks for some answers.

  • Corporate Watch: Perennial Real Estate Holdings

    Property developer Perennial Real Estate is a relative latecomer to the China property scene. But it has made up for it by being quick to respond to changing market conditions and newly emerging trends. Its latest moves include introducing medical real estate into its large-scale mixed-use developments.Money Mind's Jonathan Peeris has more.

Doing it Differently

Oct 24, 2015

We earn, we spend. But how do the rich do it differently? And, how important is gender diversity in the boardroom in terms of business performance? Plus, we profile a real estate developer with an uncanny sense of capturing the right opportunity at the right time.

  • In Focus: Managing the Costs of Cancer

    More than 13,000 Singaporeans were diagnosed with cancer last year, according to the National Registry of Diseases Office.  And statistics say only 7% are financially prepared to handle the burden of cancer.  Money Mind’s Chor Khieng Yuit takes a look at how best you can manage your medical finances.

  • Market Pulse: Healthcare Stocks

    Uncertainty about the Chinese economy has caused markets to tumble.  But in the midst of the doldrums, stocks of healthcare companies have remained resilient.  And as Money Mind's Jonathan Peeris finds out, these stocks may offer a safe haven for investors.

  • Corporate Watch: Cordlife

    Umbilical cord lining. Cord blood banking. Stem cell transplant. If these terms sound unfamiliar to you, you're not alone – as a matter of fact, only 1 out of 5 pregnant women are aware of these services which may one day save their babies. Money Mind’s Winnie Pascual profiles Singapore-listed Cordlife which is on a fast-track to grow its stem-cell banking business overseas. 

Healthcare Special

Oct 17, 2015

Last year 13,416 Singaporeans were diagnosed with cancer. Yet only 7% will have made adequate plans to survive cancer financially. Why are we neglecting medical finances planning? And, the stock market may be gloomy but healthcare stocks are in the pink of health. Find out why.

  • Fighting Corruption in China – The Highs and Lows

    Corruption in a country has often been likened to cancer in the body - stifling the economic development in many emerging countries.  Money Mind's Chor Khieng Yuit examines if the ongoing anti-corruption drive in China may in fact be producing negative effects on the economy.  

  • Singapore Brands

    DBS has replaced SIA as the most valuable brand in Singapore according to the latest rankings by Brand Finance. However, when compared with the global average, all Singapore brands have dropped in value. What does this mean for local companies that are trying to go global? Money Mind's Jonathan Peeris finds out. 

  • Up Close with John Lee

    He jumped into London real estate when he was a mere 21 and became a self-made property millionaire by the time he was 27.  Money Mind’s Dawn Tan had the chance to chat with John Lee recently on the ideas and instincts that helped him achieve financial freedom at such a young age.

An Instinct for Money

Oct 10, 2015

Some people just seem to have an instinct for making money - we ask self-made property millionaire, John Lee, why he has it, while others don't. And, DBS is now Singapore's top brand. Plus, is China's anti-corruption drive a boost or a drag on the economy?