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We'll tell you how to make the most of your money but also why money is not an end in itself and connecting financial goals to your life goals is really what you should be doing. Of course we will also still continue to provide tips for investors, business ideas for businessmen and comments on the economy, markets, companies, financial products, and trends.

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Previous Episodes

  • In Focus: Asean Integration

    Southeast Asia is on the verge of regional economic integration. Money Mind’s Chor Khieng Yuit examines the investment opportunities that come with the implementation of the Asean Economic Community next year.

  • Market Pulse: Retirement Solutions

    Singaporeans now have an average life expectancy of 85. And while CPF provides a basic income upon retirement, insurance solutions provide a good source of additional income. But how effective are the current products in the market? Money Mind's Winnie Pascual checks it out.

  • Prime Cities: Boston Property

    To US citizens Boston is the birthplace of the American Revolution. To people outside of the US, Boston is probably more well known for its world class universities -  Harvard and MIT. Money Mind's Ellen Lokajaya heads to one of the oldest cities in America to find out why Boston is such an attractive destination for property investors.

Asean Integration

Oct 11, 2014

By 2020, Asean's economy is forecast to be bigger than that of the UK. By 2025, it's poised to overtake Japan. What are the key catalysts driving growth in the region? And Boston - home to Havard & MIT. Money Mind travels to the US to find out why Boston is a property hotspot for foreign investors. Saturday 10.30pm (SIN/HK) on Channel NewsAsia.

  • Has Gold Lost its Shine?

    Gold has lost favour with investors in the past three years. We examine if the prices of the yellow metal are poised for a turnaround. Money Mind's Chor Khieng Yuit looks at the various options of investing in gold.

  • Property Disputes

    You take great pains to find the dream property that you want to buy. You check on its attributes such as location, amenities and views, but wait a minute – have you forgotten something? Have you checked the brochures and the sales and purchase agreement? Money Mind's Frederick Lim has a case study for you - why buyers should check all documents related to the purchase before making a commitment.

  • Andy Heyward – The Secret Millionaires Club

    The Secret Millionaires Club, a simple animated series, features Warren Buffett as a cartoon character who teaches children how to solve business and money problems. Money Mind's Ellen Lokajaya goes to Martha's Vineyard to chat with the show's producer, Andy Heyward. And she finds out how the idea for the cartoon came about, and how the world's most admired investor got involved with the series.

The Missing Links

Oct 4, 2014

You got your keys to your brand new, dream apartment, open the door and ... find that you have a missing bay window. How do you handle property disputes with developers? And, Money Mind recently took a trip to the US to delve into The Secret Millionaires Club with author Andy Heyward. Plus, gold - is it time to invest in gold again? Money Mind this Saturday 10.30pm (SIN/HK) on Channel NewsAsia.

  • In Focus: Dining in the CBD

    Singapore is well on its way to becoming the culinary capital of Asia with its wide variety of delicious food. We examine the dining scene in downtown Singapore and its potential investment opportunities. Money Mind's Winnie Pascual has more on how Singapore is turning into a foodie's promised land of fine dining, world class restaurants and celebrity chefs.

  • On The Sidelines: Your Intellectual Property

    Copyright is one of many different types of intellectual property. Other types include patents and trademarks. Intellectual property, also known as IP, is an important asset for a company. Money Mind's Chor Khieng Yuit finds out how you can leverage your IP, to grow your business.

  • Prime Cities: San Francisco Property Market

    In our Prime Cities feature this week, we head to the West Coast of the US to look at resale property market in San Francisco. So how different is the real estate market there, and what are some of the things investors should take note of. Money Mind's Ellen Lokajaya goes to sunny California to find out. 

The Definitive Edge

Sep 27, 2014

Magnificent views, home to top universities, affordable prices – just a few of many reasons to own San Francisco property, as Money Mind found out in a trip to sunny California. We examine the food and beverage business as Singapore aspires to be Asia's culinary capital. Plus, tapping intellectual property for that definitive edge. Money Mind this Saturday 10.30pm (SIN/HK) on Channel NewsAsia.