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We'll tell you how to make the most of your money but also why money is not an end in itself and connecting financial goals to your life goals is really what you should be doing. Of course we will also still continue to provide tips for investors, business ideas for businessmen and comments on the economy, markets, companies, financial products, and trends.

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Previous Episodes

  • Disrupting Logistics

    Disruption is the defining challenge for the economy, says Singapore's Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong. But with transportation experiencing one of the biggest disruptions, Chor Khieng Yuit finds out how logistics players are gearing up for the opportunities and challenges disruption is set to bring to the industry.

  • The Value of IP

    In the past, mention intellectual property or IP and you’d think of copyrights for films and music, or patents for an invention. But these days, IP covers so much more. Jonathan Peeris finds out that in an increasingly knowledge-based economy, maximising the value of your IP and protecting it is critical for businesses.

  • The Sharing Economy

    What’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine! The sharing economy’s aim to create a win-win situation for all its stakeholders is one of the reasons behind the rapid success of companies like Airbnb and Uber. Akshobh Giridharadas looks at how certain sectors are being disrupted and why investors are caring about sharing.

Disruptive Trends

Aug 27, 2016

With disruption singled out as Singapore's defining challenge, how is the logistics industry embracing technology to overcome it? And, we look at how to maximise the value of a company's intellectual property. Plus, why investors are caring about sharing.

  • The Art of Laundering

    The world of art investment hit the spotlight recently when reports indicated that works of art could have become a conduit for money launderers to move money stolen from Malaysia’s state investment fund, 1MDB. Chor Khieng Yuit finds out how criminals are doing

  • Jurong, The Next CBD

     Singapore could soon have two major business districts like London and Sydney as Jurong is picked as the location of choice for the country’s second CBD. But what makes Jurong a unique selling proposition for businesses to relocate? Akshobh Giridharadas finds out.

  • Sports Sponsorship

    Singapore celebrates its first Olympic gold after Joseph Schooling wins the 100 metres butterfly in Rio in record time. Schooling’s stunning performance is expected to draw brands hoping to capitalise on the young athlete’s success and popularity. Juwon Park takes a closer look at how businesses can win through sports sponsorships.

Hidden Value

Aug 20, 2016

Money laundering is the art of hiding dirty money and works of art is one of the ways it can be done. Plus, businesses and investors carry high expectations for Singapore’s second CBD. And, what is a gold medal at the Olympics worth in terms of sports sponsorship in Singapore?

  • Your Retirement Nest Egg

    Singapore’s Central Provident Fund or CPF scheme is set for some changes. We take a look at two new options for CPF members as Chor Khieng Yuit finds out if the new options go far enough to help us build up our retirement nest egg. 

  • Banking Outlook

    51 billion Singapore dollars. That's the combined credit exposure of Singapore banks to the oil and gas sector. And investors are watching closely to see if these loans turn bad, with the high profile case of Swiber Holdings sinking into creditor protection in July still fresh on their minds. 

  • Pokemon Go

    The Pokemon Go craze has finally hit Singapore and already thousands of Singaporeans can be seen congregating at malls, parks and other Poke Stops around Singapore. Jonathan Peeris finds out how businesses are hoping to lure customers and cash in on the popularity of the game

Go-ing The Distance

Aug 13, 2016

Are the latest changes to Singapore’s CPF enough to secure your golden years? And, find out if it’s time to pick up banking stocks as Singapore banks gear up against a poor outlook and bad loans. Plus, how your business can lure customers and cash in on the “Pokemon Go” mania.

  • Japan’s Lost Decade

    Japan has been fighting deflation for more than two decades and three years of Abenomics have so far not yielded much results. Chor Khieng Yuit finds out what is ailing the world’s third largest economy and why economic stimulus is not working out for Japan.

  • Post-Brexit Stagflation?

    More than a month ago, the UK’s shock decision to leave the European Union rocked markets around the world. Since then, markets have recovered somewhat but sentiment remains downbeat. Jonathan Peeris asks the experts where investors can put their money in the current environment. 

  • Chatbots vs Humans

    Have you heard of chatbots? It’s an artificial intelligence computer programme that can engage you in a voice or text conversation. Chatbots can answer your questions, book a flight for you and even search for a property you like. Juwon Park looks at why chatbots have become a useful way for businesses to serve and interact with customers.

The Transformation Challenge

Aug 6, 2016

USD275 billion in fiscal stimulus. That’s the latest in a series of economic boosts by Japan. So why is the economy still stagnating? And, is the UK headed for stagflation post-Brexit? Plus, chatbots powered by artificial intelligence. The next big thing or just plain hype?

  • SMRT Takeover

    Temasek Holdings surprised the markets last week when it announced a SGD1.18 billion buyout offer for SMRT, just days after the rail operator said it would sell its rail operating assets to the Land Transport Authority. Jonathan Peeris examines what the deal means for Singapore’s public transport sector and whether investors should take the offer.

  • India’s Economy Under Modi

    Komala Vilas. This restaurant may ring a bell for some of you. It’s where Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong entertained his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi in November last year. One of the priorities of Mr. Modi’s visit was to encourage foreign investments into India. 

  • Your Retirement Safety Net?

    Do you ask yourself whether your savings in Singapore’s Central Provident Fund will allow you to live comfortably when you retire? Do you want more to be done to boost returns in your CPF accounts? Chor Khieng Yuit finds out how Singapore’s CPF system could be affected by changes in the labour market and what lessons it can draw from other countries' experiences.

The Way Forward

Jul 30, 2016

Singapore state investment firm Temasek Holdings offers to privatize SMRT. Is this the best way forward? And, optimism grows over India’s economy as Modinomics takes effect. Plus, as Singapore’s labour market changes, should the CPF retirement planning change too?

  • How Secure Is Your Bank?

    A Standard Chartered bank branch in Singapore hit the headlines after a Canadian robber got away with SGD30,000. The ease of the robbery raised eyebrows and questions about how vigilant banks are on security. Chor Khieng Yuit finds out what security features all banks must have.

  • Trendlines Medical Technology

    We live in a world of scientific and technological innovations like never before. Such advancements are also being made in the medical industry. Charmaine Jacob looks at how one company is helping doctors and engineers to extend and improve our quality of life.

  • Diverging Condo Market

    Resale condo prices tend to move in tandem with the prices of new condos. But a divergence has occurred in the last several months with resale condo prices moving upwards since February, even as prices of new condos fall. What’s behind the discrepancy? Juwon Park finds out.

Banking On Security

Jul 23, 2016

Banks are supposed to be places with high security. Then, why was a bank in Singapore so easily robbed? And, instead of heart transplants, a newly invented heart pump may add years to a patient’s life. Plus, why resale condo prices are going up when prices of new condos are going down.