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We'll tell you how to make the most of your money but also why money is not an end in itself and connecting financial goals to your life goals is really what you should be doing. Of course we will also still continue to provide tips for investors, business ideas for businessmen and comments on the economy, markets, companies, financial products, and trends.

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Previous Episodes

  • In Focus: Insurance Premiums Outlook

    Rising healthcare costs are one of the top-most concerns of Singaporeans. We examine the issue of healthcare affordability as Singapore revamps its national healthcare coverage from the end of next year. Money Mind's Chor Khieng Yuit tackles the issue of how Singapore's Medishield Life will impact insurance premiums.

  • Sector Watch: Dialling into Myanmar

    Myanmar is a country with vast untapped opportunities for telco players. But, not an easy market to venture into. Money Mind's Chor Khieng Yuit navigates through the potholes to find out more.

  • Corporate Watch: Gallant Venture

    If you've been to Bintan in Indonesia, you've probably indirectly contributed revenue to Gallant Venture. The Singapore-listed company's businesses include property development, utilities, and industrial parks. It has a massive 14 hectares of land bank in Bintan, that's about one-third the size of Singapore. 

Managing Change

Jul 19, 2014

A landbank one-third the size of Singapore - that's how much land Gallant Venture has in Bintan. What does the developer intend to do with it? And -it's for everyone, and it's for life. But better coverage could mean higher premiums. How does the new Medishield Life affect your insurance planning? Money Mind this Saturday 10.30pm (SIN/HK) on Channel NewsAsia.

  • In Focus: Retail Investor Interest

    Retail investor interest in Singapore's stock market has been dwindling. We examine what is holding investors from trading in the markets. Money Mind's Chor Khieng Yuit looks at what can be done to spur retail investor interest in the markets.

  • Sector Watch: China Water Outlook

    Tighter pollution laws, industry consolidation, higher water tariff revision. With these growth drivers China's water treatment sector offers huge investment potential over the next few years. Money Mind's Ellen Lokajaya looks at which Singapore listed water treatment companies are set to benefit.

  • Property Corner: Property Staging

    Singapore's private home prices continue to slide for the 3rd consecutive quarter. Based on the latest Urban Redevelopment Authority's flash estimates, private residential property index fell 2.3 points last quarter or 1.1 percent. As the property market continues to soften, industry players are upping the game. 

Investor Interest

Jul 12, 2014

Retail investor interest in Singapore listed stocks has dwindled. Is it because of fear that the penny stocks crash of last October can happen again? Or is there more to it? And, if you're a property owner looking to sell or rent out faster, and at a higher selling price or rental rate - we may have the answer for you. Watch Money Mind this Saturday 10.30pm on Channel NewsAsia.

  • In Focus: World Cup Predictions

    World Cup fever has gripped soccer fans all over the world. Team after team are being eliminated as the tournament moves towards the final stages - but if you are a soccer fan you will know that it is still very hard to pick the eventual World Cup winner. We look at how some economists have applied quantitative analysis models to predict World Cup winners.

  • Market Pulse: Indonesia Election Impact

    On July 9th, Indonesians will head to the polls to vote for their next president. The candidates - Jakarta’s governor, Joko Widodo and ex-general, Prabowo Subianto. Money Mind's Ellen Lokajaya takes a closer look at the economic impact of the presidential election, and the challenges the new president will face going forward. 

  • Your Financial Figure: Planning for Retirement

    As we approach retirement, we worry that our figures will go out of shape. And, we worry that our health will deteriorate. So, we work out a plan to eat healthy on Mondays to Fridays and only indulge ourselves a little on weekends. We keep to an exercise schedule. Just as we are disciplined about our physical health, we should maintain the same discipline over our financial health. 

World Cup Fever

Jul 5, 2014

And the winner of the World Cup is .... Economists turned soccer pundits are using powerful statistical models to predict probable winners. Is your team among the favourites? And, in our Your Financial Figure series - how you can make retirement enjoyable if you plan well for it. Money Mind Saturday, 10:30 pm (SIN/HK) on Channel NewsAsia.