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  • Kids & Racism

    Regardless Of Race

    School children in Singapore celebrate Racial Harmony Day every year to learn the importance of getting along in a multicultural and multi-ethnic society. But does the yearly event actually leave an impression?

    Race & Privilege: A Social Experiment

    Regardless Of Race

    We say the words, "Regardless of race, language or religion." But majority privilege may be more real in ‪‎Singapore‬ than some would like to think. Watch what happens in this experiment - and how participants react.

  • Think Tank: Do We Have Enough To Eat? Food Security Across Asia

    Fri | 1:00 PM | 19 Aug

    Do you know where the food starts and how it ends on your table? Do we pay enough attention to hunger and malnutrition? When we talk about food security, what about the role of women?

  • Money Mind: Hidden Value

    Sat | 10:30 PM | 20 Aug

    Money laundering is about hiding dirty money – and works of art can be exploited as well. Plus, what is an Olympic gold medal worth in terms of sports sponsorship in Singapore?