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38 Oxley Road dispute: Special ministerial committees ensure national interest prevails, DPM Tharman says

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At 17, they said he'd never walk, talk or hold a pen again. But these people refused to give up on him.


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New love at 68

At 68 and widowed, grandma You La didn't think she could love again - until she met 71-year-old Xian Wu. The catch? Her ...

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Of sex and durians: The Malaysian family business that became the world’s largest condom maker

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Foster father to SPCA dogs

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Promises to a son

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The Family Affair 2: Changing Times

Four families across Asia open its doors to viewers as they embark on new beginnings in their marriage, or business. Indian divorcee and single ...

Power List Asia 6

Power List Asia returns for a sixth season. The series continues to build on the list of who’s who in Asia’s business circles – the men and women ...

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Get the story behind the story. Between the Lines delves deep into issues that matter to an Asian audience. Robust debate and in-depth analysis, ...


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Singaporeans are a spoilt lot when it comes to food, and the people we take most for granted are hawkers.

Margaret Chan, food critic and SMU's Associate Professor

Commentary Commentary: Why are we willing to pay S$20 for a bowl of ramen but not bak chor mee?
There is no contradiction in embracing a strong Singaporean identity and yet taking pride in their own ethnic or linguistic background.

Dr Mathew Mathews, IPS Senior Research Fellow

Singapore Commentary: Taking pride in ethnic identity does not contradict Singapore identity
If there is really no candidate to become prime minister should the opposition win, then maybe for a short while I might try to take the job. But only on condition that everybody agrees.

Mahathir Mohamad, 91, former prime minister of Malaysia

Asia Pacific Malaysia's Mahathir, 91, says would step in as prime minister if needed
The enemy is aggressive. They will not back down if one of them has been injured

Private First Class Mark Erwin Rule, 24, Philippine army

Asia Pacific Filipinos on the front line: Soldiers in Marawi risk all for community, country
We will turn it into a new market with a food theme park

Tokyo governor Yuriko Koike

Asia Pacific World's biggest fish market will be moved, says Tokyo governor
We might even find a way to revive Orchard Road.

Sherwin Siregar, Atlas Sound & Vision’s chief executive officer.

Singapore Commentary: Singapore retail needs to aggressively embrace e-commerce

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