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  • Singapore's 'World-Class' Trolley Buses

    CNA Insider

    Did you know Singapore’s public transport was ‘world class’ in the 1930s? Its trolley bus system was the largest around – and it came with 1st- and 2nd-class seating.

    A Shot At Happiness

    CNA Insider

    A cry for help across the miles from an old friend triggered everything. These orphans in Tanzania had changed his life forever - now, can this Singaporean do the same for them?

  • Trump’s America

    Mon | 8:00 PM | 23 Jan

    Donald Trump rode a wave of support to the White House on the promise of making America great again. But uniting a deeply divided America on issues such as race, religion and immigration is a challenge the upcoming administration will face. Channel NewsAsia investigates.

  • It Figures: The Better Bet?

    Mon | 8:00 PM | 12 Dec

    Singaporeans were reported as the biggest lottery spenders in the world. Will taking it online really make a potential vice far too convenient? It Figures figure out why experts think the best solution might not be to ban it  ... but to manage it.