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Mrs Lam, 88, has been cooking since she was a teen. Her food tells a story of duty and unconditional love for her family.


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CNA insider


Changi Lepak: 5 Things To Know

So you know about the nasi lemak - but do you know what else had cars flocking to Changi Village on Saturdays? Or where to ...

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No More Fish For Our Grandkids

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In Nepal, Don't Drink the Water

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First Look Asia

First Look Asia is a 2-hour breakfast programme that combines all the latest in world, business and sports news with lifestyle topics. We scour ...

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The Successors S5

The Successors (currently in its 5th season) is a series that profiles the next generation of a family continuing and expanding the family business.

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Singapore Food Stories

Can our rich culinary heritage evolve with Singapore's rapid modernisation? Hear it from the people behind Singapore's food scene. We delve into ...

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Bridging Giants

This episode tells stories of how a group of young Chinese men build the most advanced trains in Malaysia, an 80-year-old Malaysian curator ...

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Security and stability are very fragile at the moment and the danger is great of a new conflict breaking out at any time.

Wang Yi, China Foreign Minister

Asia Pacific China urges end to US-South Korea military exercises
There is a lot of dirt and grind beneath the shiny surface of building a business that magazine covers don’t tell you.

Alicia Pan, co-founder of Yoga Movement

Business Commentary: The hard truths behind building a business in Singapore
Many other issues besides religion and ethnicity have been raised against Ahok yet none has triggered a massive movement the way religion related issues has.

Johanes Herlijanto

Asia Pacific Commentary: Why Jakarta's voters turned away from Ahok
(Had Othman Wok) wavered in the dark days of our merger with Malaya and then separation, when our history hung in the balance, the Singapore story would have turned out differently.

Lee Hsien Loong, Singapore Prime Minister

Singapore Commitment to multiracial Singapore was golden thread in Othman Wok’s life: PM Lee
It's a shame of our society. These grandpas and grandmas are abandoned at dump sites, hospitals, and under bridges - just like garbage.

Daw Khin Ma Ma, vice-president of See Sar Yeik (Myanmar)

Asia Pacific For old folks left to die at Myanmar's roadsides and cemeteries, these homes are their last hope
Because of the greed of humans, the selfishness of humans, the earth will teach humans a lesson - in the form of disasters.

Alang Busu, shaman of Temiar village (Kelantan, Malaysia)

CNA Insider The Fight for Kelantan's Forests

The Asian Traveller

Discover the natural beauty of Asia.

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