Channel NewsAsia

Our Logo

Channel NewsAsia's symbol reads as a single red letter "A" in order to heighten the word "Asia" in its name.

Both the letter-form and the space within it have been reshaped to form a delta, the symbol for change that aims to capture the profound nature of the Channel's business of capturing change, particularly within Asia.

Lowering the crossbar of the “A” to sit at its base creates a unique and distinctive “A”. This gives the impression of it rising from the horizon of its base, reflecting in abstraction an emerging Asia.

Red was chosen as the symbol's colour because it is striking and bold. Red is also considered an auspicious colour in many Asian cultures.

Each letter of the Channel’s trademark name has been custom-drawn to complete the signature’s exclusive design.

The name Channel NewsAsia is in black. Black is strong, definitive, for-the-record. It is an apt colour for the name of a channel of record.