Bangkok removes seats on MRT train in trial to reduce overcrowding

Bangkok removes seats on MRT train in trial to reduce overcrowding

Seats have been removed from a Bangkok MRT train's middle carriages to reduce overcrowding. (Photo: Facebook/MRT Bangkok Metro)

BANGKOK: Bangkok's train operator has launched a trial to remove seats from the middle carriages of a train to allow more space for commuters during peak periods.

MRT Metro said on its official Facebook fanpage on Monday (Nov 20) that the trial started with one of the 19 trains in service. It will be extended to other carriages and will continue until the end of the year.

The move aims to increase passenger capacity on the train temporarily as the operator waits for new trains for be delivered, according to a report on the Nation.

MRT Metro said the removal of seats would not affect safety, but admitted that some commuters might “feel odd” due to the change, the report said, citing the subway operator's managing director Sombat Kitjalaksana.

Besides the removal of seats, other measures implemented to alleviate overcrowding on trains include increasing the number of staff during rush hour and maintaining a stock of spare parts to reduce delays during service disruptions, the report added.

According to an earlier report, MRT Metro has purchased 35 new trains that will be ready for service in late 2019.

Source: CNA/kc