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Hong Kong Ebola "victim" tests negative for virus

A Hong Kong woman has tested negative for Ebola. She was quarantined after displaying symptoms of the deadly virus following a trip to Kenya.

HONG KONG: A Hong Kong woman has tested negative for Ebola, a source at a hospital in the city said on Wednesday (July 30). The 39-year-old was suspected to have contracted the deadly virus as she fell ill after returning from a trip to Kenya.

According to the hospital source, tests confirmed that she was not infected with the virus. South China Morning Post reported that the woman had arrived in Hong Kong from a 17-day holiday in Kenya on Monday and later developed symptoms associated with Ebola. She was then quarantined at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in the Chinese city.

Dr Dominic Tsang, chief infection control officer at Hospital Authority in Hong Kong, told Channel NewsAsia: "That patient, in fact, just complained of vomiting, nothing else. Running a fever yesterday, but as of today, the fever has subsided, and she's stable, everything's normal... she was discharged earlier today."

The Hospital Authority said it will send all suspected Ebola cases to the infectious disease centre at Princess Margaret Hospital, a major acute general hospital in Hong Kong.

Despite Hong Kong not having direct flights to the affected areas, authorities said there remains the possibility of the deadly virus being imported from abroad. 

An outbreak of Ebola in west Africa has killed more than 670 people so far. There is currently no licensed vaccine to treat the virus. Symptoms of the virus include fever, muscle pain, headache and sore throat. It can be transmitted among humans through direct contact with infected bodily fluids.

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