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India marks 66th death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi

India marked the 66th death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi on Thursday.

MUMBAI: India marked the death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi on Thursday.

Sixty-six years after Gandhi was shot by a radical, his memory is still alive in the country he helped free from colonialism.

Though some in India feel his memory is not being honoured as well as it could be, his message is still relevant for many people all over the world.

Visitors both foreign and Indian have been visiting Mani Bhavan, which was Gandhi’s house in Mumbai for several years and now a museum.

But on Thursday when his death was remembered, the question was how relevant he is to India and Indians in this day and age."

"Satya, prem, ahimsa -- That is truth, non-violence and love. That we should follow, and only then can we survive. Otherwise, it is very difficult to survive in this present world of violence," said Meghshyam Ajgaonkar, a resident of Mumbai.

Simon Trieu, a tourist from Cananda, said: "Gandhi was one of the really important people. He tried to convince everybody that peace is really important and that history of blood and war is not the solution. So everybody, we need to regroup and focus and think of what we're doing."

Parshita Shanker Shah, a student, said: "Gandhi fought for our freedom, and he's the man who always tells the truth for the country."

It seems that Mahatma Gandhi's teachings, which include the importance of peace and truth in everyday life, are still important to many Indians, some of whom are quite young.

In this day and age, that is an encouraging sign.  

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