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Indian workers fear bleak future after fleeing Libya

Scores of Indian workers had been repatriated following conflict in North Africa and the Middle East in recent weeks. While they have returned safely, they worry about the uncertain future back home.

INDIA: More Indian nurses have safely returned home after being forced to flee raging violence in Libya. Scores had been repatriated from North Africa and the Middle East in recent weeks, as deadly conflict threatened their wellbeing. But despite being safe, many still fear a bleak future in their home country.

34-year-old nurse Jisha George is happy to be reunited with her family at her home in the southern Indian province of Kerala. She recently fled Libya, to escape conflict raging in the country. But she doesn't know what to do next.

She said: "I just saved my life and rushed out with whatever I could collect in haste. I don't even have an experience certificate. The future is uncertain. I hope the government does something for us."

There are more than 50 nurses like her who had to leave Tripoli and Benghazi. Most only moved abroad due to a lack of work opportunities in India. Finding work in India is not easy, but some said they will not go back to Africa.

The government is making efforts to rehabilitate and support those who have returned from conflict zones.

P Sudeep, chief of Non-Resident Keralite Affairs (NoRKA), said: "We collected their biodata, their details where they want to work, all these details were collected. Simultaneously, Kerala’s chief minister and NoRKA minister convened a meeting of the employees, of major hospitals in Kerala as well as hospitals run by Kerala in Gulf countries."