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Stricter water rationing for Johor town

With a water treatment plant currently running at some 65 per cent, water rations have become stricter for Johor's central town of Kluang.

JOHOR BAHRU: Water rationing that is being carried out in the south Malaysian state of Johor will see four areas in the central town of Kluang receiving supplies every 48 hours instead of 36 hours.

Officials said capacity at the Sembrong Timur water treatment plant is currently running at 65.52 per cent as the Southern Water Corp is unable to keep to its schedule of supply.

Syarikat Air Johor Holdings Sdn Bhd (SAJ) said the plant operated by Southern Water Corp (SWC) is currently able to produce 10 million litres of treated water compared to 12 million litres earlier in the week.

The rationing is scheduled to apply from March 1 to March 31.

Officials also said that water supply in other areas in Johor would not be affected as there was adequate raw water supply to meet consumer needs.

Water rationing is also in place for thousands of households in the capital of Kuala Lumpur after reservoirs ran low as a result of a dry spell that has affected the country and neighbouring Singapre as well.

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