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Thai elections may not break political deadlock

Official voter turnout figures in Sunday's elections in Thailand would be revealed today, but the Thai Election Commission has reportedly said that election results have to be postponed because of problems 

Thailand's search for an end to its political deadlock through polls held on 2 February could end up being declared void say Bangkok media.

Although official voter turnout figures would be revealed today, local media reports say the election that was marred by boycotts and protests, saw unusually low voter turnout in many provinces.

There were also reports of a high number of "no votes" in many provinces mostly in Bangkok and urban areas of the provinces.

Local media said the Thai Election Commission is set to meet to discuss ways to solve the election-related problems. 

The Election Commission has reportedly said that the announcement of election results has been postponed because of problems including the blocking of advance voting and the lack of voting for many seats.

In a separate development, the Democrat Party has said that it will file a petition with the Office of the Ombudsman, asking it to seek a ruling from the Constitution Court on the validity of the poll.

Deputy party leader Ong-art Klampaiboon said on Sunday after the end of voting, that the polls contravened the Electoral Act and the Constitution, and that his party will gather evidence of wrongdoing. 

According to Election Commission secretary-general, Puchong Nutrawong, voting was conducted in 89 per cent of the country's 375 constituencie with polling going ahead without problems at 83,669 out of all 93,952 polling stations.

In Bangkok, 516 out of 6,671 polling stations were closed.

After polls closed on Sunday, caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra thanked voters for "helping to maintain democracy" saying that she was satisfied the election could be completed without violence.

On the other hand, Suthep Thaugsuban, leader of the anti-government protest who had campaigned for no voting, declared that the election was the "first time ... so many eligible voters boycotting an election".  

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