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Bombardier opens Singapore aircraft services centre

Aircraft manufacturer Bombardier on Tuesday opened its first aircraft service centre in Asia-Pacific at the Seletar Aerospace Heights in Singapore.

SINGAPORE: Aircraft manufacturer Bombardier opened its first aircraft service centre in Asia-Pacific on Tuesday.

The facility at Seletar Aerospace Heights will provide a one-stop-shop solution to Bombardier's business jets in the region, where previously, these jets would have to be serviced by other centres in the region.

Bombardier expects a total of 4,740 business jets to be delivered to the Asia-Pacific region over the next two decades.

The firm currently has some 250 business jets in the region.

To ensure seamless service for its business aircraft clients, the aircraft maker has consolidated all maintenance services at its wholly-owned facility in Singapore.

Stan Younger, vice president of aircraft service centres at Bombardier, said: "The central location and the ability to move to other parts of Asia from Singapore are very important.

“Though China will be mostly self-contained and do a lot of their own thing, we will draw some of the traffic from Hong Kong. It will be very robust traffic from the Hong Kong region. But most of the traffic will be from Australia, the South Pacific part of the region."

Bombardier also hopes that the service centre would benefit from the large volume of air traffic passing through the region from other parts of the world.

The facility has hired some 40 employees so far, with plans to bring more staff on board.

Singapore’s Second Minister for Trade and Industry, S Iswaran, said: "The aerospace industry is important to Singapore, not just because of the value it can add to our economy, but also because of the rewarding careers which it can offer our people.

“The aerospace industry employs some 20,000 workers, of which nine out of 10 jobs are skilled, with 80 per cent going to locals. In fact, four-fifths of the workforce hired by Bombardier for the service centre thus far are locals."

Bombardier also announced the opening of its regional support office for commercial aircraft operators in Singapore and the rest of Southeast Asia. 

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