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Eyeing a dream job? Maintain your online professional profile

About 46 per cent of Singaporeans say they maintain their CVs frequently but not so their professional social media profiles, according to Hays.

SINGAPORE: Almost 50 per cent of Singaporeans say they update their CVs often, but only 29 per cent say they keep their CVs and professional social media profiles up to date, said recruiting firm Hays.

In a statement on Tuesday (Aug 12), the company said that in its poll of 736 Singaporeans, 46 per cent indicated that they update their CVs most frequently. About 25 per cent only update their professional social media profile, while 29 per cent update both.

Comparing these results with job seekers around the region, Singaporeans who update both CVs and social media profiles are equal to those in Malaysia and slightly ahead of Hong Kong (25 per cent) and Japan (27 per cent). They are behind their Chinese counterparts (38 per cent), however, Hays said.

Commenting on the findings, Ms Christine Wright, Managing Director of Hays in Asia, said: "Job seekers need a dual approach in today's job search. They need to recognise the power and relevance of social media and put their best self out there by updating their online profiles as well their CVs regularly."

Hays also suggested the following for those looking to update their online profiles:

  • Audit Yourself: Take a subjective view of your current online profile by searching for your name. If you do not like what you see, change it.

  • Strengthen Your 'Brand': Use a professional looking head-and-shoulders profile picture, as it humanises you and is important since people are unlikely to connect with an anonymous profile.

  • Write A Compelling Bio: Make sure potential employers can learn from the bio what sets you apart.

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