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P&G launches SME leadership training programme

Procter & Gamble, in partnership with SPRING Singapore, has launched a leadership training programme for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

SINGAPORE: Procter & Gamble, in partnership with SPRING Singapore, launched on Tuesday (June 17) its first leadership development programme for SMEs, referred to as the “P&G Leadership College."

The day-long training session attracted 50 SME leaders across 17 sectors, ranging from engineering and manufacturing to lifestyle and hospitality. Some of the highlights include a panel discussion featuring senior executives from Google and Microsoft, as well as workshops on strategy development.

It will be followed by additional seminars focused on specific areas such as human resources, communications & marketing, innovation, strategic planning and supply chain management.

The programme is supported by SPRING as part of the Partnerships for Capability Transformation (PACT) initiative, which aims to foster collaborations between large organisations and SMEs through projects involving knowledge transfer, capability upgrading, co-innovation and test-bedding.

Both SPRING and P&G stressed the importance of such collaborations.

"One way to acquire new capabilities is through partnerships, both within and across industries, with other SMEs as well as with larger companies," said Tan Kai Hoe, chief executive of SPRING Singapore. 

"Indeed, collaboration is the new competition. SMEs should look out for potential partners in the ecosystem, across the entire value-chain."

"SMEs are very important to the foundation of our growth,” said Samuel Kim, vice president of ASEAN markets at Procter & Gamble.

“We have over 75,000 vendors and suppliers who help us deliver better products and as we improve our supply chain with them, of course we can improve our products which will then help to serve our consumers better."

Some SMEs say such sessions will help enhance their competitiveness.

"I'd like to hear P&G's insights into what the consumer patterns or behaviours would be in the future," said Patrick Chong, CEO of the The Luxasia Group.

"This would certainly be very useful for us in trying to prepare ourselves for the future development of our businesses within ASEAN and in the region." 

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