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Q&M acquires China-based CAD/CAM dental ceramics maker

Q&M says the S$8 million acquisition of the Chinese firm will help to train its 170 dentists in Singapore, as well as offer CAD/CAM services to patients at a lower cost.

SINGAPORE: Dental services group Q&M on Wednesday (Aug 13) announced the setting up of a computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) academy in Singapore to train dentists in the design of crowns and other dental implants. The group has also acquired Chinese firm Qinhuangdao Aidite High-Technical Ceramic Co., which makes the ceramics used in dental implants, to broaden its range of services.

CAD/CAM is used by dentists to improve the design of dental implants and to speed up the production process. The Chinese firm acquired by Q&M, produces the ceramic zirconia materials used in CAD/CAM dental manufacturing.

Q&M will pay 39.5 million yuan (S$8.01 million) for Qinhuangdao Aidite and will commit another 35 million yuan (S$7.1 million) to help Aidite construct a new dental materials manufacturing factory.

Q&M said it believes CAD/CAM represents the future of dentistry and the academy, along with its ownership of Qinhuangdao Aidite, will allow it to train its 170 dentists in Singapore. 

The group said currently, most of the dental clinics offering CAD/CAM dentistry in Singapore are high-end practices located in the central business district as the key ceramic zirconia materials used in the process are not widely available. However, Q&M, which has a network of neighbourhood clinics, said it would be able to offer such services to patients at lower costs due to economies of scale.

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