ST Electronics seeks to bank on Smart Nation drive

ST Electronics seeks to bank on Smart Nation drive

ST Electronics is looking to push out two new platforms for Singapore aimed at collecting and analysing data to help the country reach its Smart Nation goal.

SINGAPORE: The Republic is calling on industry players to conceptualise and develop solutions that will take the nation forward in its Smart Nation initiative.

Technology companies, such as ST Electronics, are responding with new platform and data-gathering innovations. Analysts are positive about such efforts saying that having a local understanding can help firms in building relevant technology.

ST Electronics is among local firms looking to make their mark in Singapore's push to become a Smart Nation. Having previously been involved in Smart City initiatives overseas, the local technology company is looking to push out two new platforms for Singapore aimed at collecting and analysing data.

Recently, it introduced its Galaxy machine-to-machine communication system and the Intelligent Aggregation Gateway (iAG) Box - both of which are aimed at aiding the collection and analysis of data.

Said deputy president of ST Electronics Info-comm Systems Yao Shih Jih: "By providing this infrastructure, we are able to service different agencies in terms of their communication needs. And based on the different verticals, we are able to collect data to a single horizontal platform where this data can be shared across domains and derive additional values from cross domain integration. So I believe that is where we can play this part in terms of building that platform for the Smart Nation."

One of these platforms has been submitted for a tender called by the Government.

Some industry watchers say local firms can potentially benefit from their familiarity with the marketplace, but the competition is keen.

"We need to be able to work with a myriad of solution providers out there,” said Mr Gerald Wang, research manager at IDC Government Insights. “The one with the best idea, the most cost-effective, usually gets the project. So ST definitely has a value proposition in that it understands the local space it's in, it's worked in the sensitive industries in Singapore so you can do certain cross-industry mapping.

“On the other side of things of course they do face competition from maybe international MNCs (multi-national companies) who could possibly be a little more innovative in their solutions providing."

Minister for Communications and Information Yaccob Ibrahim had said last week that Singapore's Smart Nation project was about to enter its 'build phase'. Analysts said this could involve more infrastructure technology as well as data aggregation and analytics.

"It's really about the success about information sharing, information aggregation,” said principal research analyst at Gartner Anmol Singh. “How are the different private and public sectors working together to build that urban management view of a smart nation. So it's really about how you can bring that smartness into the collaboration of all these different entitites, in a Smart Nation ecosystem."

The Government also gave details on its Infocomm Media Masterplan, under which the private and public sectors work together to put in necessary infrastructure to host Smart Nation services, particularly in logistics, urban management and healthcare.

Source: CNA/ek