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Delve into the mindscapes of art savant Norimitsu Kokubo


On Saturday, 21st January, Channel NewsAsia organised a sharing session with 21-year old Japanese autistic art savant Norimitsu Kokubo and his family. Kokubo has made a name for himself in the art world with his imaginative, intricate fictional cityscapes, which have been displayed in galleries worldwide.

Kokubo’s pieces explore real places he has never visited before, constructed in his mind's eye from soundbites and facts gleaned from newspapers and the Internet. Here in Singapore for the first time, Singaporean parents with autistic teenage children heard firsthand the personal experiences and stories that inspired his work and at the same time, felt encouraged and stirred by the story of Kokubo and family.

About Norimitsu Kokubo

Norimitsu Kokubo started creating his artwork since his primary school days. He was not good at socialising with other children and the only way to have Kokubo stay put in class was to allow him to draw.

Over time, drawing became a daily routine for Kokubo. Although he had his own notepad, he became so enthusiastic with drawing that he began to draw on the back of paper calendars, advertorial pamphlets, among others.

The objects in his artwork are inspired by things that have caught his attention. For instance, architectural landscapes of the world, satellites in space, motor vehicles, airplanes, ships and so on. His sources of inspiration are derived from the internet, television as well as photographs taken from his travel experiences to various locations.

Through his unadulterated thoughts and ideas, he masterfully crafts out his images through freehand styles. He begins from drawing a small portion of an object that gradually expands out onto the entire drawing area through his imagination. The drawing space has to be extended to keep his work inside.

In recent years, he produced a 10-metre long art piece alongside other works that have become increasingly detailed over the years.

Apart from the galleries in Switzerland, Kokubo’s works have been well received and have continued to impress audiences in many other parts of the world.


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Get a glimpse of autistic art savant Norimitsu Kokubo and family’s visit to Enabling Village on Saturday, 21st January 2017, where they shared their inspiring story with fellow artists from The Art Faculty and their parents, along with guests from Pathlight School at a specially organized session by Channel NewsAsia.

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