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6 memorable moments in Star Awards history

This year is the 20th anniversary of the annual Star Awards. Take a look at some of the more interesting moments in Star Awards history.

SINGAPORE: The annual Star Awards is here again!

It is the 20th anniversary of the annual awards show. The very first Star Awards was held back in 1994 to recognise the achievements of local television stars in Mandarin programmes.

There have been a lot of interesting moments that have gotten people talking since then, and here we look at six of them.


Fanning the flames

During the 1995 Star Awards, Singapore actress Fann Wong won Best Newcomer and Best Actress.

But her acceptance speech when she won Best Actress set tongues wagging.

" I'm really happy to win this award. I've only been acting for a year. What can I win next year?" said Wong after getting the trophy.

She was promptly flamed for being arrogant and slammed by some viewers, though she probably said it because she was simply too excited over her win.

Wong has always been pretty candid and entertained questions from the media without complaint.

But her candidness often leads to her making comments that land her in hot water.

This happened again in the 2000 Star Awards.


Fanning the flames: Part 2

The 2000 Star Awards saw Singapore actress Fann Wong and television veteran Chen Liping have similar telephone voting numbers.

Viewers' votes decide which star takes home a Top 10 Most Popular Male and Female Artistes award.

When Wong won a Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes award, she thanked all her fans but added a line at the end of her acceptance speech that got her flamed again for being arrogant.

"I haven't forgotten those fans who have unwittingly voted for Chen Liping. Thank you!" said Wong.

Chen also won later that evening and had a comeback waiting when she accepted the trophy.

"Thanks Fann. I didn't 'unwittingly' take this award. I spent over 10 years (in the industry) to get this," said Chen.


The long wait

In 2003, Singapore actor Huang Yiliang won an award for Best Supporting actor.

Huang's acceptance speech ruffled quite a few feathers and made the evening super awkward for his ex-wife, veteran actress Lin Meijiao.

"I was at the canteen last week and her (Lin's) neck was this long. Maybe she's been waiting for an award longer than anyone," said Huang.

He was referring to the expression, "Waiting till one's neck is long", which describes a person waiting for something, and craning his neck so long to see if it's coming that it becomes elongated.

Though Huang made the comment in jest (Was it even funny?), what goes around does come around.

Lin won Best Supporting Actress in 2013 and took a dig at Huang for his comment a decade ago.

"Thank you for all your support.  Awards give us a lot of motivation and encouragement, but they will come when they should.

"There is no need to hanker after the award till your neck becomes really long," said Lin after receiving the award.

However, she later clarified that she just wanted to entertain the audience with her comment.

And she did. Fellow actress Zoe Tay was so amused that she almost fell out of her chair laughing when Lin spoke on stage.


The outfit

Along with finding out who won, a big part of the Star Awards is also seeing what the stars wear to the glitzy event.

Local television stars dress to the nines for the event, but very few manage to leave a lasting impression with their fashion choices as actress Ann Kok did at the 1996 Star Awards.

During the mid-90s, the stars still dressed pretty conservatively at the Star Awards.

Nothing too revealing or sexy.

Then Ann Kok came along to shake things up with a translucent black blouse which flaunted her generous bosom.

She garnered a lot of attention with that one outfit and continued to shake things up with eye-popping outfits at the Star Awards which followed.

Last year was no exception. Kok wore a dress that accentuated her womanly figure.

Alas, viewers will probably not get to see much of her on television from now on as she had announced earlier this year that she will take a break from acting.


Getting back on the horse

Singapore actress Jacelyn Tay received thunderous applause at the 2004 Star Awards when she won a Top 10 Female Artistes Award.

Tay, who was declared bankrupt in 2000 due to losses she incurred after making some bad investments, gave an inspiring acceptance speech during the awards show in 2004, the year she was discharged from bankruptcy.

"I'm really nervous because I tripped when I was making my way out here.

"A lot of colleagues asked me if I was fine. But I think its fine to fall down - the most important thing is to climb back up!" said Tay.

Industry players still remember Tay's comments as it illustrates just how important being able to bounce back is in showbiz - especially if you get into a high-profile altercation with a taxi driver.


Remembering Huang Wenyong

There are very few actors that have impacted local television as much as late actor Huang Wenyong.

His death was a loss to the industry and affected his colleagues deeply.

Huang was awarded the special Honorary TV Award last year for his contributions to the industry and time was set aside at the 2013 Star Awards to honour him with a touching tribute.

Huang's friend and colleague Xiang Yun gave a moving speech while a violinist played in the background.

Huang's wife and daughter also took to the stage to deliver a short speech.

It was perhaps the most tear-jerking moment in the history of the Star Awards.

Many artistes wept during the tribute, and they all gave a standing ovation when it concluded to show their respect to the late actor.


More to come

There are more interesting moments than can be covered in one article.

For instance, Jeanette Aw's comment that her confidence isn't linked to her cup size in 2011 or Rui En's intriguing comment that,"We are here to make dramas not create news" at the 2012 Star Awards.

And if history is any indication, there will be a lot interesting moments to come at the Star Awards, so stay tuned.

Viewers will be able to catch the red carpet segment for this year's Star Awards at 5.30pm on Channel 8, followed by the awards ceremony at 7pm.

The post-show party will be broadcast live at 10pm on Channel U.

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