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Aaron Yan falls in love with his characters in 'Fall in Love With Me'

Actor-singer Aaron Yan says he's a changed man after working on his latest drama Fall in Love With Me and sheds light on his love life.

SINGAPORE: Very often, people think that celebrities lead carefree lives, but Taiwan actor-singer Aaron Yan says that they actually lead a life filled with constraints.

“You have to watch what you say and consider a lot of things before speaking. In the entertainment industry, you can’t just do what you want,” said Yan.

That’s also why he loved playing Lu Tian Xing, an arrogant advertising genius who falls for the lovable Tao Le Si (Tia Li), when he disguises himself as the easy-going Xiao Lu to work in her advertising agency, in the new drama Fall in Love With Me.

“Lu Tian Xing is cocky, a little bit like Tony Stark (in Iron Man). I like playing Lu because I can be free. I’m not under anyone’s control. As Tian Xing, I can make sarcastic remarks or freely insult people. Not that I want to do that in real life of course! I just like the feeling of being free!”

The affable 27-year-old star said playing the warm, optimistic Xiao Lu had also been a very interesting experience.

“Unlike the old me, Xiao Lu is a positive person. He won’t let failure get him down. I used to be easily affected by negative things that happen in my life. Xiao Lu’s positive outlook on life rubbed off on me. I’m more positive now,” explained Yan, flashing a dazzling smile.

He added that he has changed a lot since he first made his showbiz debut about a decade ago.

“In the past, I knew what I wanted to achieve but I didn’t know how to work towards it. I’d complain about not getting to sing the good songs, or not getting picked by producers for roles I wanted. I blamed other people, but I didn’t reflect on it and prepare myself so that I could go on stage at any time. It’s about time I grew up,” said Yan.

Now that he has completed Fall in Love With Me, which airs on StarHub TV Channel 111/825 from Saturday (Aug 28), Yan intends to focus his energies on his singing career.

“I want to experiment with rap music and dancing. I want to try and inject more new elements into my music. Now that the show is done, I try to take on as many singing engagements that come my way as possible,” said Yan, who released two new mini-albums, Drama and Cut, earlier this year.

His Singapore fans won’t have to wait long to see (and hear) him in the flesh – Yan will be performing at the a-nation concert here in October, which also features Japanese acts like Sonar Pocket and Ayumi Hamasaki.

With so much on his plate, Yan said romance will probably have to wait.

“I want to have a romantic relationship but it doesn’t look very possible, considering my workload. Do I think about getting married? Of course I do. If the right person turns up, I won’t be stingy and will tell everyone,” said Yan.

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