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All in the family for Our Sister Mambo cast

The S$1.7 million romantic comedy starring Michelle Chong and Moses Lim, made to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Cathay Organisation, will open in cinemas next July.

SINGAPORE: The set of upcoming local film, Our Sister Mambo, had a real family vibe to it, cast members including Michelle Chong and Moses Lim said.

Lim - speaking at the film's commencement ceremony at The Cathay Cineplex on Friday (Aug 15) - said working on Our Sister Mambo reminded him of the time he spent working on the sitcom Under One Roof.

"I feel this strong sense of kinship when I'm with the cast," said Mr Lim, who plays a father with four unmarried daughters in the film. "(In real life) I have a Taiwanese wife, two daughters and four granddaughters. It feels like I am always surrounded by women!"

Chong, who had previously worked with Lim on a few projects, said she was very happy to work with him once more. Describing Lim, she joked: "Actually, he looks a lot like my father but he's slimmer than my father is now!"

The actress also revealed that she worked out a lot more to get in shape for the role. "After a while away from television, you tend to let yourself go, so I had to lose some weight in preparation for the film," said Ms Chong.


Choo Meileen, the film's producer and Managing Director of Cathay Organisation, said Our Sister Mambo was not shot solely to make a profit, but primarily to commemorate the organisation's 80th anniversary.

As such, S$1 will be donated to the organisation's adopted charities for each ticket sold. The film's profits, after production costs have been recouped, will also be donated. The romantic comedy will be shot on a budget of S$1.7 million. 

Directed by Malaysian filmmaker Ho Wi Ding and written by Singapore playwright Michael Chiang, Our Sister Mambo also stars actress Siti Khalijah, Ebi Shankara, Nelson Chia and singer Jonathan Leong. Singapore blogger Wendy Cheng, better known as Xiaxue, and lawyer-turned-restaurateur/chef Willin Low will also be making cameos in the film.

The film will be released in July next year.