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Angelica Lee on cheating husband Oxide Pang’s affair: “It hurts because there is love”

Angelica Lee and husband, Hong Kong director Oxide Pang, have released a joint statement about Pang's extra-marital affair with Hong Kong model Liddy Li and said "it hurts because there is love".

HONG KONG: Malaysian actress Angelica Lee and her husband, Hong Kong director Oxide Pang, who was recently caught cheating on her with Hong Kong model Liddy Li, released a joint statement about his affair on their micro blogs on Wednesday, reported Hong Kong media.

The two said that they “finally understood that marriage isn’t just about the union of a prince and a princess, living without worry for the rest of their lives”.

They added that “it is painful now, but it hurts because there is love” and said they will “face this together”.

“The future is unknown, but we will listen to our hearts, carry on, and let time tell us the answer,” said Lee and Pang in their statement

Pang posted a message on his micro blog shortly after, to explain why he did not explicitly apologise for his actions in their joint statement.

“In the statement this afternoon, everyone couldn’t find the three words “I am sorry” and feel that I still don’t know I was wrong.

“How difficult is it to just write or say these three words? But I feel my mistake isn’t something that can be forgiven by just saying sorry, because I was completely wrong,” said Pang.

“My mistake has deeply hurt someone who has done so much for me, hurt and disappointed someone who loves me.”

“I accept everyone’s criticism… I can’t even forgive myself. I am sorry.”

Pang’s affair came to light after photos of him kissing and holding hands with Li were published in a Hong Kong tabloid recently.

Li’s micro blog was inundated with critical comments from netizens soon after she was revealed to have come between Pang and Lee, while Lee’s father told reporters he’d “teach him (Pang) a lesson” if he finds out Pang had indeed cheated on his daughter.

Pang’s fling has become a hot topic in the Hong Kong entertainment industry because he and Lee, whom he married in 2010 after dating for seven years, were widely seen as the perfect couple.

Since their marriage, Lee had cut back on her acting projects to care for Pang’s daughter from a previous marriage, while Pang was often observed showering Lee with concern at events.

“I felt very uncomfortable after hearing about this matter (Pang’s affair),” said Hong Kong actor Aaron Kwok, who had worked with Pang on 2007's “The Detective” and its sequel.

“I hope Oxide can face this and take responsibility.”

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