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Anita Yuen embroiled in Chinese fraud case

Hong Kong actress Anita Yuen revealed Sunday that her name had been used by a Chinese company to defraud a group of farmers.

SHANGHAI: Hong Kong actress Anita Yuen took to her micro blog on Sunday to respond to a recent news article about a group of Chinese farmers, who claim they have been cheated of their money by a company linked to her and fellow actress Rosamund Kwan.

Yuen explained in a micro blog post that the Chinese company which defrauded the farmers has nothing to do with her and Kwan, and had illegally used their name for promotional purposes.

“I have engaged a lawyer to take legal action against the company. Can’t let these unscrupulous people get away!” said Yuen in her micro blog post.

According to a statement released by Yuen’s management agency, the Chinese company had used Yuen and Kwan’s name as well as photographs of them to promote its chain of fashion stores without their permission.

It said the Chinese company had “misled as well as negatively affected” consumers, and in turn damaged the actresses’ reputations.

When asked for further comment about the issue, Yuen told Hong Kong reporters on Monday that she was “very angry that they’d cheat farmers out of their hard-earned money”, and would “pursue the matter till the end”.

“I don’t understand how some people can ignore the law, and illegally use someone else’s image to go around cheating other people. This would never happen in Hong Kong!” said Yuen.

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