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Aya expecting first child, set to marry boyfriend

Taiwan actress-host Aya is having a baby. And the child's father is her boyfriend Tony, whom she has dated since 2006.

TAIPEI: Taiwan actress-host Aya’s mother confirmed on Thursday that Aya is pregnant, reported Taiwan media.

“The child was a surprise but Aya feels it is fate and wants to have the baby,” said Aya’s mother.

She told reporters that Aya will marry her American-Chinese boyfriend Tony before the baby is born, to give the child “a complete family”.

She was also all praise for 45-year-old Tony, and described him as being “scholarly-looking” as well as “someone who is ethical, well-mannered, and has many life experiences”.

Aya, who is best known for hosting variety shows like "Guess, Guess, Guess" and "Super Sunday", reportedly met Tony in the US, when she studied there for a year in 2006.

They maintained a long-distance relationship following Aya’s return to Taiwan, reportedly only meeting three to four times a year.

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