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Blogger to make big-screen debut in new romantic comedy ‘Our Sister Mambo’

Blogger Wendy Cheng, who is best known by her online moniker Xiaxue, will make her big screen debut in the upcoming romantic comedy Our Sister Mambo.

SINGAPORE: Blogger Wendy Cheng, who is better known by her online moniker Xiaxue, will make her big-screen debut in the upcoming romantic comedy Our Sister Mambo, a film which commemorates the Cathay Organisation’s 80th anniversary.

“I feel very honoured to be part of Our Sister Mambo. The film will not only be a huge milestone for Cathay Organisation, which is celebrating its landmark 80th anniversary in 2015, but for myself too; as it is the first time ever that I am appearing on the big screen!” said Cheng in a media statement.

“Although I will be acting as myself, I still consider it an exciting challenge. I look forward to working with the talented production team and cast – I’m sure it will be a fun and memorable experience!”

Cheng will star alongside actress-director Michelle Chong, who plays the titular character Mambo in the film, which also stars veteran actor Moses Lim and actress Siti Khalijah Zainal.

Our Sister Mambo producer Choo Meileen said Cheng’s “vivacious and larger-than-life personality will definitely spice up the scenes” in Our Sister Mambo, and hoped that the film will be able to reach a wider audience with her in the cast.

“Our Sister Mambo” is the story of lawyer-turned-chef Mambo, who tries to get her sisters Grace, Rose and June married off, but ends up cooking up one romantic misunderstanding after another instead.

Inspired by the classic 1957 Cathay film “Our Sister Hedy”, about a middle-class family with four unmarried daughters, “Our Sister Mambo” is written by “Army Daze” playwright Michael Chiang and will be helmed by “Pinoy Sunday” director Ho Wi Ding.

Our Sister Mambo will go into production in August and will be released next year.

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