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Bosco Wong finds new love, wants media to leave mum alone

Hong Kong actor Bosco Wong wants the media to leave his mother alone, after finding out that she had been hounded by reporters for comment on his ongoing romance with model Vanessa Yeung.

HONG KONG: Hong Kong actor Bosco Wong said Tuesday at a commencement ceremony for his new show, that he wants the media to stop hounding his mother for comment regarding his ongoing romance with Hong Kong model Vanessa Yeung, reported Hong Kong media.

“Thank you everyone for your concern but last night (Monday), a magazine interviewed my mother.

“She is old and unwell. Her blood pressure is a little high. Suddenly jumping out and photographing her will scare her. What if she faints?” said Wong.

“I hope they can let her off.”

However, it seems unlikely his mother will be left alone.

Shortly after speaking to reporters at the event, Wong got a call from his mother, who told him she was being hounded by a reporter.

“It happened again!” said Wong, before attending to the call.

Wong’s relationship with Yeung, which came to light after photographs of them kissing surfaced in Hong Kong tabloids last week, had attracted a lot of media attention as she is Wong’s first girlfriend after his high-profile breakup with actress Myolie Wu in 2012.

Their relationship has also created quite a bit of buzz as 38-year-old Yeung is rumoured to have lied about her age, and is actually nine years older than 33-year-old Wong.

When reporters quizzed her about the matter on Monday, Yeung simply said “it is enough that the two of us (she and Wong) know how many years there are between us”.

Wong had previously said he is "not particular about age" when it comes to love.

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