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Bryan Wong, Rebecca Lim team up for charity show piano duet

Singapore television artistes Bryan Wong and Rebecca Lim share their thoughts on performing a demanding piano duet at the “ComChest Care & Share Charity Show 2014”.

SINGAPORE: Singapore actress Rebecca Lim and television host Bryan Wong will perform a piano duet of the romantic ballad “That’s All I Ask of You”, from the musical “The Phantom of the Opera” at the upcoming “ComChest Care & Share Charity Show 2014”.

“This will be our first collaboration.

“We’ve met each other before at the television station, but all I know about her is that she’s very tall and very beautiful,” said Wong with a laugh, at a media conference for the charity show.

“The producer wanted us to play separately on two grand pianos, one black and one white.

“During our first rehearsal together, we found out that chemistry is really very important,” he added.

“We have to watch our timing and be completely in sync with one another!” said Lim.

The two will play alongside 20 students from the National University of Singapore Guitar Ensemble during the charity show, which will be held at the Resorts World Theatre on July 27.

Apart from Lim and Wong’s piano performance, veteran actresses Xiang Yun, Aileen Tan and Hong Hui Fang will also be showing off their musical skills for charity, albeit with a set of rather unusual musical instruments.

The trio will team up with volunteers from Propnex Realty and elderly beneficiaries from the Community Chest-supported organisation Lions Befrienders, to make music with household items like pots and pans on the charity show.

“At first, I thought we were just going to do a bit of drumming, but it turned out we’re actually going to stage a percussion performance with household items.

“This requires a good sense of rhythm which I don’t have – I’m always half a beat behind when I sing – so it will definitely be quite challenging!” said Xiang Yun.

“But I’m really looking forward to the performance because it is the first time I’ll be working with the beneficiaries.”

“They are very warm people and it feels really good to practise with everyone!”

Other highlights of the “ComChest Care & Share Charity Show 2014” include a special segment combining basketball and music featuring actress Chen Li Ping, as well as appearances by overseas artistes like Wakin Chau and Valen Hsu.

The charity show hopes to raise S$5 million which will be used to support over 226 programmes that serve over 300,000 beneficiaries in Singapore.

Those who wish to donate can call 1900-112 8808 to donate S$8, 1900-112 8828 to donate S$28, 1900-112 8848 to donate S$48 and 1900-112 8888 to donate S$88.

The “ComChest Care & Share Charity Show 2014” will be broadcast live on July 27, 7pm on Channel 8.

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