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Chen Liping clears the air on slimming pill rumours

Actress Chen Liping on Tuesday (Aug 26) denied recent online reports which claimed that she had lost an endorsement deal with a weight management company after attributing her weight loss to her consumption of slimming pills.

SINGAPORE: Actress Chen Liping has denied recent online reports which claimed that she had lost her endorsement deal with weight management company Mary Chia Holdings, after she revealed that her weight loss was due to her consumption of slimming pills instead of the company’s weight loss programme.

Speaking at a media conference on Tuesday (Aug 26), Chen stressed that she “did not consume any slimming pills” to lose weight.

She added that she had only recently renewed her contract with Marie Chia Holdings, and is still the company’s brand ambassador.

The actress said she was not upset by these false reports, but pointed out that it was important to clarify this matter as she did not want her fans or the public to be misled.

“This is a good opportunity to warn people that you can’t believe everything you see on the Internet. You have to do your own research,” said Chen.

The online reports were apparently a veiled advertisement for a kind of slimming pill. Wendy Ho, Chief Executive Officer of Mary Chia Holdings, said the company had actually received enquiries from members of the public who thought it sold these slimming pills.

Ho, who described the reports as “complete lies” which were “fabricated” by “scam artists” in an earlier media statement, said that her company is considering legal action against those responsible for these reports.