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Christopher Lee wants to be friends with his child

Singapore actor Christopher Lee says he wants to be friends with his child and has started talking to the baby, even before the baby is born.

SINGAPORE: Singapore actor Christopher Lee, whose actress wife Fann Wong is pregnant with their first child, revealed that he hopes his child will see him "as a friend instead of a parent".

“I don’t want the relationship between us to be that of father and child. It will feel awkward between us and we’d have nothing to talk about,” said Lee, at a media conference for his upcoming film “Filial Party” on Tuesday.

He added that he has already started talking to his unborn child to try and befriend the baby.

“I often talk to the baby in a friendly tone. I’d say ‘Hello, I am your father, can we be friends?’ … things like that. I believe in prenatal education,” said the actor happily.

And it appears to be working.

“Every time I speak to the baby, the baby will move. When I come home, the child knows and starts to kick!” said Lee.

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