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Daniella Sya: Lush new voice on the airwaves

Singapore actress Daniella Sya talks about becoming radio station Lush 99.5FM's newest deejay, and working on her first Malay-language acting project in Singapore, "S.O.S".

SINGAPORE: There is a sultry new voice on Lush 99.5FM these days.

And it belongs to Malaysian-born Singapore actress Daniella Sya, who is probably best known here for playing the timid policewoman Tan Siew Lan in the local period drama “Mata Mata”.

The gorgeous 25-year-old now helms the recently-revamped radio station’s “Morning Lush” programme every weekday from 7-10am.

“Initially, I quit my radio job because I wanted to focus on acting. And that was what I did, lots of acting," said Sya, who had been a radio deejay in Malaysia before going into acting about two years ago.

“But … I decided since I know radio, and I was in Singapore, I could do some radio.”

“After a while of listening to their (Lush 99.5FM) music, and getting to know more about the station, I fell in love with it.”

While it isn't quite her first radio gig, the bubbly actress said she still found it a little “nerve-wracking” to  go back to radio after such a long absence.

Getting back up to speed also took some time, but simply getting up to do her show was perhaps the biggest hurdle.

“Waking up at 5am [for work] is really tough, I have to admit.

“I never drank coffee until I joined Lush 99.5FM,” said Sya with a laugh.

The good news is she has a lot of company during her shift, as listeners often communicate with her over social media.

“The people that listen to Lush are real music lovers. They know what you are talking about.

“They know what they are listening to. They really connect with you!” gushed Sya.

Apart from her new radio gig, Sya is also working on a new show – MediaCorp Suria’s “S.O.S”, a drama about a beach patrol team that works the beaches of Sentosa.

Sya, who plays accountant-turned-beach patrol officer Jenny in "S.O.S", described the show as “Baywatch … minus the slow-motion [running] and the chests”.

"S.O.S", she said, is about “the more realistic side of things” and what goes on in the lives of the beach patrol team members, instead of merely being a parade of toned beach bods.

Shooting for the Malay-language drama is still not yet complete, so she’ll have to juggle her radio work with her “S.O.S” commitments.

But she isn’t complaining.

“Think about shooting every day on the beach [for ‘S.O.S’]. Sentosa has all these bars, restaurants by the beach. They play … really nice bossa nova.” said Sya, smiling.

“I love bossa nova! It feels really good. It feels like a holiday.”

Catch Daniella Sya on Lush 99.5FM every weekday from 7-10am. “S.O.S” airs every Wednesday, 9.30pm on MediaCorp Suria.

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