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Desmond Tan gets a taste of comedy in “Spouse for House”

Singapore actor Desmond Tan makes his first foray into comedy with the new English-language comedy series "Spouse for House".

SINGAPORE: He has starred in numerous blockbuster Mandarin dramas like "A Song to Remember", “The Journey: A Voyage” and “The Dream Makers”.

But Singapore actor Desmond Tan has never had a major role in a comedy.

Much less an English-language one like Channel 5’s upcoming “Spouse for House”.

In the new show, he plays the consummate ladies’ man Kai Tan, the wealthy brother of John Tan (Alaric Tay), an aspiring singer who marries lawyer Jessica Ng (Hong Kong actress Selena Li) anyway, despite having second thoughts about going through with it, just to get their Build-to-Order flat.

Although his character never misses a chance to romance the ladies in the comedy, Desmond Tan said he is definitely “not a player in real life”, before going on to add that he had a lot of fun working on “Spouse for House”.

“It’s really different from my last show (“The Journey: A Voyage”)!” said Tan, recounting how he had numerous emotional scenes in the "The Journey: A Voyage".

“I think I never laughed a single day in that show! But every day, I go to the ‘Spouse for House’ set and laugh! Every day, I go to work happy!”

Tan said he “learnt a lot of new things" while working on "Spouse for House".

He pointed out out that comedy veteran Irene Ang, who plays his character's mother Lim Soo Leng in the show, had been a lot of help, and often gave him suggestions on how he should deliver his lines to make them funnier.

Apart from the abundant humour in “Spouse for House”, Tay feels that the odd couple dynamic between his character John Tan - whom he describes as an artist “still incubating a masterpiece” - and Li’s strait-laced Jessica Ng, is another good reason to catch the show.

“Why did they have a sudden urge to jump out of marriage? And what makes them come to this decision (to marry just for a flat)?

“This situation is quite unique,” said Tay, who is set to return in a new season of “The Noose” later this year.

Would he get a spouse just for a house if he were in Tan's shoes?

The actor joked that he wouldn’t do it, but would probably be swayed if the other party is gorgeous.

“If it is Selena, then it’s okay! I’ll think about it!” said the actor, before bursting into laughter.

“Spouse for House” airs every Tuesday from February 11, 8pm on Channel 5.

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