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Eason Chan: Stop looking at your phones and enjoy the show

Hong Kong singer-actor Eason Chan explains why he feels concert-goers should ditch their mobile phones during his concert.

SINGAPORE: Many concert-goers nowadays tend to whip out their mobile phones to snap photos or record video clips during concerts to keep as mementos.

But that’s something Hong Kong singer-actor Eason Chan hopes to see less of when he performs at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on March 1, as part of his Eason’s Life concert tour.

“Everyone is there for the music. They should not be watching the concert on a mobile phone screen [while trying to record it],” explained Chan, during a recent e-mail interview with

“When I’m singing on stage, I hope everyone can focus on me. That way, they can understand the songs' messages."

The 39-year-old singer-actor also said he intends to help people “let go of the day’s unhappiness and have a lot of fun” during his upcoming concert here, which will be all about the music and contain virtually no talk sets.

“I made this decision because talk sets will affect the concert’s tempo, so I try to speak as little as possible,” said Chan, pointing out that he will let his music do the talking instead.

He went on to add that he hopes his music will set people thinking, as well as drive them to "find new meaning in their lives" after they watch his concert.

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