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Elvin Ng: For the love of the game

Singapore actor Elvin Ng got the chance to indulge his love for football in the upcoming football-themed drama “World At Your Feet”, but says shooting the series wasn’t all fun and games.

SINGAPORE: Singapore actor Elvin Ng loves football.

He gets incredibly enthusiastic when he talks about The Beautiful Game.

The problem is he loves it a little too much.

Ng, who plays partially-blind football ace Wu Weixiong in the currently-airing football-themed drama “World At Your Feet”, often got carried away playing with the ball while shooting scenes for the show at Bishan Stadium.

“I was very excited. I was like a kid on the field.

“Sometimes the director had to tell me ‘Stop playing! Come back to filming!’,” said Ng with a sheepish grin.

Ng revealed that he loved football so much that he became really excited when he heard about “World At Your Feet”, and had actually approached the producer in a bid to be a part of it.

“The producer chose me after he found out I played a lot,” said Ng happily.

Of course, shooting “World At Your Feet” wasn’t all fun and games.

The actor said he and a few other members of the cast had to stay on their feet for hours under the scorching sun, because of the many re-shoots required to get each football action sequence just right on the field.

“Everything had to be precise. There could be up to 30 NGs (unusable shots) just for a pass. The ball doesn’t always go where you want.”

“It’s not easy when you need everything in one shot,” explained Ng.

The other big challenge, said Ng, was how to make his character believable.

In the drama, Wu is a talented soccer player with a killer bicycle kick that almost always puts the ball in the back of the net.

However, he gradually loses his vision after an accident and decides to give up his career as well as the girl he loves Mo Yuqing (Jeanette Aw) to create a new life for himself, so he won’t be a burden to the people around him.

“It was a huge difficulty!” said Ng, noting that the script called for his character to trip over everyday objects in some scenes, yet miraculously play like a pro on the football pitch in others.

He said it took him quite a bit of experimentation to find just the right tone for his character in “World At Your Feet”, which also marks the first time he has worked closely with Aw since 2010’s “New Beginnings”.

Although they both appeared in the recent drama “The Journey: A Voyage”, they had almost no scenes together.

“It has been some time, so it was good to work with her [again]. There is a new kind of chemistry,” said Ng of being reunited with Aw in “World At Your Feet”.

“Everyone is a bit different and all grown up!”

With “World At Your Feet” complete, Ng revealed that he will take on an English-speaking role in a Cambodian production next.

“I think it’s going to be fun!” said Ng excitedly.

“Acting in English is going to be very different!”

“World At Your Feet” airs every weeknight, 9pm on Channel 8.

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