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Elvin Ng recounts painful encounter with nurse

Singapore actor Elvin Ng, who plays a kind-hearted nurse in his new drama, explains why he once associated nurses with pain and why he'd make a terrible nurse in real life.

SINGAPORE: While most people would associate nurses with words like “Care”, “Comfort” and “Kindness”, Singapore actor Elvin Ng said he once associated nurses with the word “Pain”.

Ng, who plays a kind-hearted nurse in his new drama “You Can Be An Angel Too”, about the lives of a group of nurses, revealed that it all started when he had to undergo a knee surgery at a hospital some time ago.

“After the operation, the anaesthetic was strong so I couldn’t get up to go pee. I needed a catheter (a tube inserted into the urethra that allowed urine to drain from the bladder into a bag),” said Ng with a grimace, during the commencement ceremony for the drama.

“They got a nurse to insert the catheter. It was the most painful thing ever! I couldn’t sleep the whole night!”

"When I thought about nurses [at the time], I was a bit horrified!"

His doctor gave the okay to have the catheter removed the next day. Yet, the worst was still to come – the catheter hurt a lot more coming out than it did going in.

“A nurse came over and said ‘Take a deep breath’. She counted one two three and pulled.

“Then … it felt like my soul went away for five seconds! It was so painful! It was a horrible experience. The next three days, it felt like I was on fire when I went to pee!” said the actor.

However, Ng said he quickly changed his views on nurses after his close encounter with the catheter.

He explained that the nurses showered him with care following the removal of the catheter, and made him feel very comfortable for the remainder of his hospital stay.

Ng, who recently underwent a few days of basic medical training to prepare for his role in “You Can Be An Angel Too”, added that he is now more convinced than ever that nursing is a “tough” and “very noble” profession.

Would he make a good nurse in real life?

“Definitely not! I’d be the worst nurse ever!" said Ng with a laugh.

"I think it’ll be really hard for someone who doesn’t cook … doesn’t even know to take care of himself [to be a nurse]!”

“You Can Be An Angel Too” also stars Zoe Tay, Rebecca Lim, Bryan Wong as well as  Xu Bin and airs in January next year on Channel 8.

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