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EXO’s Kris speaks up for the first time after suing agency

K-pop boy band EXO's Kris spoke up on Friday in a micro blog post, a day after filing a lawsuit against his management agency, Korean entertainment giant SM Entertainment, in a bid to have his contract terminated.

BEIJING: Korean boy band EXO’s Kris spoke up for the first time since he filed a lawsuit on Thursday against his management agency SM Entertainment, in a bid to terminate his contract with the company, reported Chinese media.

“A mantis blocks the chariot with its forearms (A Chinese expression describing a futile attempt at stopping an overwhelming force). I am still well.

“I wish everyone well and hope things get better and better. I thank everyone who supports me, every voice,” said Kris in a handwritten message in Chinese posted on his micro blog on Friday.

“Wu Yi Fan (Kris’ Chinese stage name) will always be here!”

However, the China-born singer did not mention why he wants to terminate his contract with SM Entertainment in the message.

Rumours are rife that Kris wants out because SM Entertainment had overworked him and caused him to develop health problems.

Some netizens also speculate that Kris was bullied by some of his group mates and hence wants to leave the group.

SM Entertainment said in a statement on Friday that it will take legal action against those responsible for propagating these “malicious rumours” and “fabrications”, as they harm the reputation of the company as well as the reputations of the other members of EXO.

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