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EXO wows fans with explosive concert in Singapore

K-pop boy band EXO impressed the largely female audience at their Singapore gig with polished dance moves and exceptional showmanship.

SINGAPORE: The organisers of K-pop boy band EXO’s killer gig at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on Saturday (Aug 23) really should have put up warning signs that read “Caution: Concert-goers may experience temporary hearing loss after the show” at the entrances to the venue.

That’s because the incredibly enthusiastic, largely female audience screamed almost non-stop throughout the concert, from the time the band kicked off the show with high-energy songs like  MAMA and Let Out The Beast, till the time they ended the concert with familiar fan favourites like Wolf as well as Lucky, and even took on the ALS ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’.

The volume of the fans’ screams spiked whenever the EXO members had any sort of body contact with one another, or bust out polished dance routines punctuated with pelvic thrusts which left their female fans hot under the collar, and one’s ears ringing from their screams.

They had good reason to scream. The Singapore stop of EXO's Lost Planet concert tour was spectacular. Each of the band members had the opportunity to show off their individual skills, from hip hop dancing to martial arts.

There was even a segment where members of the group were perched precariously atop small suspended platforms as they sang, which added an element of danger to the show, though it was still their big, synchronised dance displays - especially one where they writhed suggestively on the floor - which drew the loudest cheers from the largely female audience.

The organisers could have perhaps also placed this warning sign outside entrances to the Singapore Indoor Stadium ahead of EXO’s show: “Caution: Watching this show may result in a temporary decrease in the size of your vocabulary”.

Some of the girls in the audience could only manage phrases like “Aaaaaahhh!”, “Oh my god!” and “He is so cute!” when the boys launched into a special segment where they serenaded the audience with ballads, and threw roses into the eager audience, expertly selling their Prince Charming image.

The concert's stage design actually contributed a lot to the show’s success as it gave the boys the opportunity to close the gap between them and their audience. Most of the action took place in a circular central stage that is linked to smaller stages located nearer the audience. The members would periodically go from stage to stage to interact with the audience seated at various parts of the venue as they performed.

This essentially meant that virtually every fan, save those seated in the upper levels of the Singapore Indoor Stadium, could see their favourite member up close at least once or twice over the course of the show. This arrangement proved to be a hit with the audience, judging from the sheer euphoria etched on their faces whenever the boys came to a nearby mini stage.

Still, the biggest contributing factor to the concert’s success was the boys themselves. They were all good-looking and they have a sort of infectious energy that gets the audience moving to their music.

They knew exactly what to do to gain the favour of their 8,000-strong audience, whether it’s blowing kisses into the crowd or showering them with praise. It is little wonder their first solo concert here was such a hit with the audience, despite being one member short in the wake of group member Kris’ dispute with their management agency.