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Fann Wong: Belly happy mummy

Singapore actress Fann Wong, who is five months pregnant, said she is still trying to get used to having a big belly, and revealed why she particularly enjoyed being at this year’s Star Awards Show 2.

SINGAPORE: She is five months pregnant, but Singapore actress Fann Wong still looked gorgeous as she and actor husband, Christopher Lee, went on stage give out the Best Supporting Award at Sunday’s Star Awards Show 2.

It was on of their first public appearances together in Singapore since Wong revealed that she was three months pregnant in February.

Although she was all smiles on stage, Wong revealed that the baby in her belly had been kicking the entire time.

“When I was on stage, the baby kept kicking me. I touched my belly and told the baby to behave.

“The baby is probably excited, because my husband gets really excited when he meets people and our child must have inherited that trait!” Wong told reporters backstage.

Wong said her pregnancy had been pretty smooth, though her belly had rapidly grown in size over the past month.

“I’ve been feeling a little clumsy and off balance recently. When I open the cupboard, I often accidentally hit my belly with the cupboard door!” said Wong.

“Really? How come I didn’t know about this!” said Lee immediately, with a look of concern on his face.

Wong said Lee has been very protective of her and had kept asking her if she was sure she wanted to turn up for the Star Awards in her state.

The actress explained that she insisted on attending the awards show because she felt it was an important event for her.

“The audience watched me grow up and go from being a young girl to a married woman, and now, a mother.

“It has been a very meaningful and joyous journey. I wanted to share this (her joy) with them,” said Wong.

She added that there was one distinct advantage of attending the Star Awards with a baby in her belly.

“I'm really happy because there is finally a Star Awards where I don’t have to suck in my belly, and can eat my fill before turning up!”

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