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HK “Young and Dangerous 3” actor arrested on drug charges in China

Hong Kong actor Roy Cheung, who is best known for playing the villain Crow in the Hong Kong gangster film "Young and Dangerous 3" , has been arrested for drug-related offences in Beijing.

BEIJING: Chinese authorities recently revealed that Hong Kong actor Roy Cheung, who is perhaps best known for playing the villainous Crow in the 90s Hong Kong gangster film “Young and Dangerous 3”, had been arrested on July 2 for drug-related offences in Beijing, reported Chinese media.

Police found 1.15 grams of drugs in his luggage after his arrest.

The 51-year-old actor, who had appeared in films like “Fight Back to School” (1991) as well as “Exiled” (2006), admitted that he had taken drugs. He also tested positive for drug use.

Cheung’s friend, Hong Kong pop trio Grasshopper's Remus Choi, said he was “worried” about Cheung when he heard the news, but have not managed to contact him yet, and even asked Hong Kong reporters to let him know once they found out more.

Although it is definitely no laughing matter for Cheung, that hasn't stopped some netizens from posting funny messages addressed to the fictional heroes in the “Young and Dangerous” film franchise on their micro blogs, in response to the actor's arrest.

“Boss, I’ve taken out Crow (Cheung’s character in ‘Young and Dangerous 3’). Send me the money now,” said one user.

“Do you guys even respect the rules of the underworld? Settle your grudges. Why get the police involved?” said another.

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