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Huang Biren to return in new drama “3 Wishes”

Singapore veteran actress Huang Biren will star in Channel 8's upcoming drama "3 Wishes", her first drama since 2007's "Mars Vs Venus".

SINGAPORE: Singapore veteran actress Huang Biren will star in Channel 8’s new drama “3 Wishes”.

The drama, which airs on October 27, will be her first drama since 2007’s “Mars Vs Venus”.

Huang was originally slated to appear in the blockbuster drama “The Journey: A Voyage” as the Nyonya matriarch Huang Zhenniang, but dropped out because of health issues.

The role eventually went to actress Carole Lin instead.

“3 Wishes” tells the tale of Zhao Yao Jin (Thomas Ong), a timid man who gets pushed around at work.

Zhao’s life changes when he encounters a spirit who says she will grant him three wishes.

Huang, who has starred in numerous hit dramas like “Stand By Me” (1998), “The Vagrant” (2002) and “Beautiful Connection” (2002), plays Zhao’s gentle, supportive wife in the show.

“Three Wishes”, which will go into production later this month, also stars Julie Tan, Shane Pow and Yao Wenlong.

Tan said she is looking forward to working with Huang, who will play her mother in the drama.

“I used to watch her shows! It’s my dream to work with her!” gushed Tan, who will also appear in the upcoming drama "In The Name of Love", which airs from June 25 on Channel 8.

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