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“I was 1cm away from being blinded!”

Singapore veteran singer Roy Li Fei Hui revealed that he almost lost an eye while shooting “The Lion Men: Ultimate Showdown” at a media conference for the lion dance-themed film.

SINGAPORE: Singapore veteran singer Roy Li Fei Hui revealed that he almost lost his right eye when his head was slammed against a van door, while shooting a scene for “The Lion Men: Ultimate Showdown”.

Li, who plays a bumbling kidnapper in the film, the sequel to lion dance-themed film “The Lion Men”, was working on a scene where he and two others pulled their victim into the van before driving off, when the accident happened.

“The part-time actor at the wheel had started moving the van before I was securely seated (within the van) and I was flung towards the rear door.

“It just so happens there was this sharp metal plate jutting out and I crashed face first into it. Luckily, I turned my head sideways at the very last moment or it would have pierced my eye!” said Li, at a media conference for the film.

“I was one centimetre away from being blinded!”

Although he didn't lose his eye, the metal plate left a deep gash below his right brow.

“Blood was literally spurting out! I put my hands on the wound and they were quickly stained with blood!”

“The Lion Men: Ultimate Showdown” director Jack Neo quickly approached him to see how badly injured he was.

“Jack kept going ‘Are you okay? Are you okay?’ as he wiped the blood from my hands.

“Then I said ‘Hey, I hurt my head, not my hands’,” said Li with a laugh.

He may be laughing now, but Li was close tears when he was sent to hospital for treatment.

Li’s cut required seven stitches, and he said each stitch “hurt like crazy” because doctors could only use small amounts of anaesthesia as it was too close to his eye.

The veteran singer went back to the set to finish his scenes the very next day before receiving additional treatment. Li said he is still undergoing laser treatment to remove the scars from the accident.

“There is a scene in the film where I kept clutching the right side of my face. That’s me hiding the wound and pretending that I fell down while being chased by the police,” said Li with a grin.

He added that he is taking it all in his stride, and would still consider taking on action-intensive roles in the future.

“This sort of thing can happen when you do any sort of action sequence,” said the 48-year-old music veteran matter-of-factly.

“My only gripe is that I didn’t get such roles when I was 30!”

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