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Jackie Chan: New film ‘Dragon Blade’ will be turning point in career

Actor Jackie Chan believes his upcoming film Dragon Blade will be a turning point in his career and revealed that it will contain highly complex action choreography.

BEIJING: Actor Jackie Chan described his upcoming action film Dragon Blade as being a turning point in his film career, when he met reporters during a media visit on Monday (July 21) to the film's shooting location in the arid Aksai region, on the border of China and India.

“We have been working on this project for seven years, and the director, Daniel Lee, has polished the script to perfection. This is the movie that I really want to make. All the dialogue, plot and concept are truly brilliant,” Chan told reporters.

He added that the action choreography for Dragon Blade, which is scheduled for release in the first half of next year, is even more complicated than it had been for his previous film, the action-packed CZ12.

“It’s a much more difficult fighting style since it’s designed for hundreds of people on screen at the same time. Moreover, neither Cusack nor Brody is an action actor, but they do learn very quickly,” said Chan.

“The action choreography in my movies is composed of solid fighting. I don’t do wire-work because we’ve seen too much of it in other movies. I love showing real martial arts on the screen.”


Set in 48BC, Dragon Blade revolves around Huo An (Chan), a Chinese commander who is tasked with protecting China’s Western borders during the Han dynasty.

Huo is accused of treason and winds up as a slave labourer, but he still manages to rally the Chinese forces to repel a small invading Roman army led by Lucius (John Cusack).

However, an even great challenge looms for Huo - he must find a way to stop the ambitious Tiberius (Adrien Brody), who marches towards the Chinese border gate with a vast army.

Dragon Blade, which is being filmed on a budget of US$65 million (S$81.4 million), also stars K-pop group Super Junior’s Choi Si-won.

The Korean heartthrob revealed that Chan is not only an action superstar, but also a very caring person who would visit the set even if he does not have scenes to shoot, in order to prepare tea, repair damaged tents and do other chores.

“I really enjoy working with him. He has been looking after me in every aspect. Now I’ve come to understand why they all call him ‘Big Brother’,” said Choi.

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