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Japan's flumpool wants to go global like Mayday

Japanese pop-rock band flumpool said it hopes to go global one day and match the international appeal of Taiwan rock band Mayday during a media conference in Singapore on Friday (August 1).

SINGAPORE: Japanese pop-rock band flumpool said it wants to go global in the future, when they met their fans and the media at a media conference at JCube on Friday (August 1), ahead of their Saturday (August 2) concert, which is part of a concert tour that marks the band's fifth anniversary.

'We really respect (Taiwan band) Mayday and want to be like them. We want to become a band that can attract people coming from different countries,' said vocalist Ryuta Yamamura of flumpool's plans for the future.

He added that the band's music has undergone a lot of changes over the past five years, and will continue to evolve in the years to come.

When asked about the band's favourite Singaporean delicacy, Yamamura said they loved Chilli Crab, especially the fried buns that come with it.

The band, which is made up of Yamamura, Kazuki Sakai (guitar), Genki Amakawa (bass) and Seiji Ogura (drums), autographed posters for their fans and even gave a surprise performance of their hit song Hana Ni Nare at the media conference.

The pop-rock quartet's Saturday gig will be their first ever major concert in Singapore though they had performed here a few times before.

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