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Jeffrey Xu reconnects with the singer within for "Scrum!" theme song

Jeffrey Xu talks about recording the theme song for his new rugby-themed drama "Scrum!" and reveals that he was actually once invited to be part of a boy band.

SINGAPORE: If the voice of the singer who performs the theme song for Channel U's upcoming sports drama "Scrum!" sounds familiar, it's because it belongs to "Scrum!" star, Singapore actor Jeffrey Xu.

The 25-year-old actor, who plays Xiao Yi Zhan, the arrogant captain of the Dark Rhino rugby team in the rugby-themed drama, revealed that he spent over ten hours in the recording studio to record the song.

"I felt a bit of pressure and was a little nervous when I recorded the song.

“I told the producer I was not on form during the first recording session, and said I'll keep going till I got it right."

"It was really tough! My voice was even hoarser than A-Do's (a Singapore singer known for his rough, husky voice) by the end of it all!" said Xu with a laugh.

This is the first time Xu formally recorded a song, but the actor is actually no stranger to singing – he revealed that he was actually poised to become part of a boy band when he was 18.

"Before I came to Singapore, I was approached by a Taiwan music company when I was in high school.

"They were trying to enter the Chinese market so they came to Shanghai to find candidates for a five-member boy band," said Xu.

"It was going really well. They gave us (he and a few other trainees) classes, promoted us, and had plans for us.”

"But just before our debut, there were changes in the company and they called us up for an emergency meeting."

"They said they wanted to pull out from Shanghai and move to Guangzhou because the competition in Shanghai was too intense," recounted the actor.

"None of us wanted to leave Shanghai. So we thanked them and parted ways."

While he would develop his singing talent if the opportunity presents itself, Xu said he intends to focus on honing his acting as well as hosting skills for now.

“I am an actor singing the show's theme song. I am not an actual singer yet,” said Xu.

“Let's not be too greedy. One step at a time!”

“Scrum!”, which also stars Felicia Chin and Chris Lee, airs Wednesdays to Fridays from February 26, 8pm on Channel U.

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