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Jerry Yeo: Screen baddie bows out

Actor Jerry Yeo, who has decided not to renew his contract with broadcaster MediaCorp to “learn new things and gain new experiences”, looks back on his seven years in showbiz and his biggest regret.

SINGAPORE: Actor Jerry Yeo who is best known for playing the villain in dramas like “The Ultimatum” and “Soup of Life”, recently revealed that he won’t be renewing his contract with MediaCorp when it expires this month.

“I think it’s about time I learnt new things and gained new life experiences in a new environment,” explained Yeo.

“I really want to thank those who have quietly supported me over the years, and my managers who have looked out for me all this while.”

The 28-year-old actor, who entered showbiz after taking part in the 2007 edition of the Star Search talent competition alongside Desmond Tan and Andie Chen, said he intends to take a break for now.

“I’m going to meet with people from various disciplines then decide what I want to do next. I don’t want to restrict myself.

“I’m also going to do things that I’ve been meaning to do but haven’t had the time to in the past seven years, like spring-cleaning of my room!” said Yeo with a laugh.

The actor went on to add that he had “learnt a lot and met a lot of people” in the past seven years, and felt he had benefited a lot from his stint as an actor.

His only regret is not being able to further develop his interest in television hosting before his departure.

“The most painful thing [about leaving] is that I had just gotten the opportunity to be a television host (he co-hosted the Channel 8 game show ‘Eat And Be Merry 2’) then my contract expired,” said Yeo with a sigh.

“I haven’t learnt everything I wanted to learn about that yet.”

Yeo’s last big acting project is the upcoming police drama “Mata Mata 2”, in which he plays a baddie yet again.

The actor said he enjoyed playing villains because it allowed him to show people a different side of himself, but lamented that he had perhaps taken on one too many villainous roles.

“I find that people often have a negative impression of me when we first meet and I have to quickly compensate for that. This got worse over the years. But I’m really a normal person!” said Yeo with a chuckle.

“I’m not a bad guy!”

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