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Jet Li denies embezzlement allegations

Martial arts action star Jet Li hit on Wednesday denied allegations that he had embezzled 300 million yuan (S$60.4 million) from his One Foundation charity.

BEIJING: Action star Jet Li on Wednesday denied allegationsthat he had embezzled the 300 million yuan (S$60.4 million) earmarked for projects to help the victims of last year’s Lushan earthquake in China, from his One Foundation charity, reported Chinese media.

In an open letter posted on his micro blog, which set out to illustrate how it is impossible for him to do so, Li said he “really wants to take the One Foundation’s 300 million yuan” but didn’t know how to do it.

He noted that he doesn’t have the power to authorise the transfer of the organisation’s funds.

Li went on to add that it was impossible for him to transfer the foundation’s money to his personal account “without the media finding out, the bank knowing and without being caught and thrown in jail by the authorities”.

“Can anyone teach me how to do this?” said Li.

The 50-year-old actor said that if the One Foundation is corrupt, then all its board members, who are already quite wealthy, are corrupt as well, and it would be tough to divide the embezzled money.

“They (the One Foundation board members) all have companies that are worth billions… the misappropriated 300 million yuan would not be enough to go around.

“Can you all help me think of a way to split this little bit of money?” said Li.

The One Foundation explained in a blog post on Wednesday that disbursing the funds it collected will take some time as the bulk of it is meant for the reconstruction of five schools in the affected region, and this will only take place in July.

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