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Kai Ko detained in Beijing on drug-related charges

Actor Kai Ko's management agency has confirmed that he has been placed under administrative detention in Beijing, in a statement released on Monday (Aug 18) evening.

BEIJING: Actor Kai Ko's management agency has confirmed that he has been placed under administrative detention in Beijing on drug-related charges, in a statement released on Monday (Aug 18) evening, reported Chinese media.

The head of Ko's management agency, Angie Chai, said in the statement that she travelled to Beijing on Monday and found out from the police that Ko has been placed under administrative detention for 14 days for flouting the country's Public Security Administration Punishments Law, and will soon be able to receive visits from his family.

Chai added that she did not take any calls from the media since Sunday night (Aug 17), when reports claiming that Ko had been arrested surfaced, because she "did not know what to say" as she did not know if Ko had indeed be arrested for taking drugs or when and where it happened, as well as "what he did or who he was with."

"I had no information. All I knew was he did something wrong but did not know the details," said Chai, who went on to apologise for taking so long to respond to the media, and stated that Ko will have to take responsibility for his actions.

"We are his family when it comes to his career. We neglected his life education. Though we always told him to discipline himself and love himself, he did something wrong and set the worst example."

"Everyone in the company as well as his family feels very hurt. Now that it's been confirmed that he has made a mistake, he will have to accept legal responsibility."

Chai also said that being young and rash is "no excuse" for "hurting the fans who love him" and "disappointing the public".

However, the statement did not address recent media reports which claimed that Ko's friend, action star Jackie Chan's son Jaycee Chan, had been arrested as well.

Ko, who shot to fame after appearing in the hit 2011 Taiwanese film You Are the Apple of My Eye, and had previously recorded an anti-drug public service message, is the latest in a string of celebrities who have been arrested in China for drug-related offences.

Chinese actor Gao Hu was arrested on Aug 4 for smoking marijuana. Chinese writer-director Chen Wanning was arrested on June 24 for possessing and consuming crystal meth. Hong Kong actor Roy Cheung was also nabbed on July 2 for consuming drugs.

In response to the recent spate of drug-related arrests, a total of 42 entertainment companies in China on Aug 13 pledged that they will not work with artistes who use drugs, in a bid to "clean up the entertainment industry".

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