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Korean music dominant in Hong Kong, but “Cantopop will survive”, says Sam Hui

Hong Kong music icon Sam Hui shares his thoughts on the future of Cantopop and reveals how he got in shape for his latest concert tour.

SINGAPORE: Hong Kong veteran singer Sam Hui is one of the most well-known names on the Cantopop scene.

He has 23 albums under his belt and was responsible for countless Cantopop classics like “From the Heart of a Loafer” as well as “The Private Eyes”, songs which resonated with the people of Hong Kong, and was dubbed “God of Song” by the Hong Kong media.

Yet, Hui is as down-to-earth as they come.

“I’m just someone who just enjoys singing,” said Hui, when asked about his thoughts on being named Hong Kong’s “God of Song”.

The singer was warm and friendly throughout his phone interview with, ahead of his concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on June 7.

He was also very candid when asked about his thoughts on the current state of the Hong Kong music industry.

“Right now, in Hong Kong, the trend is that people are more into Korean music now.

“Acts like [Korea’s] Big Bang, G-Dragon, they are very big in Hong Kong. I enjoy their  (Korean) music. The music is very vibrant and new and fresh,” said Hui.

However, he believes that Cantonese pop music won’t be displaced by Korean music.

“Cantopop will survive and will still go on.  It’s just that it will go through a different phase, have a different sound,” explained Hui.

“In Hong Kong, we have a lot of new kids every day, trying hard to create a new kind of Cantonese music.”

“I think the Cantopop scene has gone multicultural and among the new artistes, I like Eason Chan and Kay Tse. I think they are very good.”

He went on to urge young Hong Kong artistes to “create new directions and new styles”, and not “hang on to the old fashioned music” so they can “build a new music scene” in Hong Kong.

Hui intends to take his own advice and create some new material soon.

He revealed that he hopes to be able to release a new album next year, after completing his current concert tour, which will bring him to countries like China, Australia and Malaysia.

For now, the concert tour comes first.

Hui said he had gone on a diet to lose weight and look good at his concerts, and had been preparing for his concert tour for some time.

“I work out a lot every day. I have Karate training, swimming … and band rehearsals almost every day before concerts,” said the singer.

He added that he also meditated to keep his mind sharp, and sings his songs when he is out jogging to memorise the lyrics, so he can give his best at each show.

When asked about what his fans could expect at his upcoming concert here, Hui, who last performed in Singapore in 2011, said it will be “a family performance”

“My sons Ryan and Scott, my daughter-in-law will all be performing the old hit songs together,” said Hui, before pointing out that he’ll still be doing most of the singing.

Hui revealed that he will belt out a whopping 37 songs at the show.

“I think my fans would like to see me, so I’ll give them more of me!” said Hui with a laugh.

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