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Kym Ng plays fierce "fiery auntie" in "Wayang Boy"

Actress Kym Ng talks about an interesting discovery she made about herself while shooting her new film “Wayang Boy”, and sheds light on her next big acting project.

SINGAPORE: Actress Kym Ng made a chilling discovery about herself recently.

She discovered that she’s actually pretty good at scolding people, while working on the new local film “Wayang Boy”, which contained a scene where her character Lucy, had to scold someone for 30 seconds.

“In the movie, my character scolded this foreigner continuously because she fought with me over an empty MRT seat. She coughed and my character thought she was going to spit on me, so she even spit on her first!” said Ng.

“The scripted lines actually only lasted about 30 seconds, but they needed it to last a little longer to make it easier to edit, so I made up some lines for that scene. I ended up scolding her for well over a minute!”

“The crew kept laughing and they said ‘Wow, you are very fierce!’ I’m really nothing like that in real life!” said Ng before bursting into laughter.

“Even I was surprised how good I was at scolding people! I honestly found it a little scary!”

Helmed by engineer-turned-director Raymond Tan, “Wayang Boy” is adapted from a 2011 short film made by Tan called “Wa is for Wayang”, and revolves around Raja a young boy from India who struggles to fit into Singaporean society, until a chance encounter with Wayang (Chinese opera) changes his life.

Ng described her character in the film, which is scheduled for release in November, as a “fiery auntie” who is upset about having to take overcrowded trains to work, and blames foreigners for putting a strain on the transport system.

“She really, really doesn’t like being packed like sardines in a can aboard the MRT!” said the actress with a chuckle.

“For some reason, I’ve been playing a lot of these auntie roles lately! (She had played similar characters in her recent projects ‘Filial Party’ and ‘It Takes Two’) It’s like I’m meant to play these kinds of roles,” said Ng before giving out a sigh.

Fortunately for the actress, who had recently renewed her contract with MediaCorp, her next project will see her play a very different sort of character.

“I won’t be an auntie anymore! I’m going to appear in a new drama that’s being filmed in September. I’ll be playing a strong career woman in the show,” said Ng, describing her character in the upcoming drama as being more “classy” than “auntie”.

Yet, she is still a little worried she won’t be convincing as a career woman.

“I can play an ‘auntie’ or an ‘Ah Lian’ easily because I see them around a lot, and also have some of their traits.

“It will be a huge challenge to play a powerful career woman because I’ve never really worked in an office before. I don’t know how I’m going to play the role! I don’t even have friends that are like that!” said Ng, as she filled the room with her laughter once more.

“I’m not going to think too much about it for now. I’ll let the director figure it out!”

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