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Oh! Look who’s getting married!

Gold 90.5FM radio deejay Tim Oh is getting hitched with former Channel NewsAsia news presenter Sabrina Chua. He shares their story and talks about his marriage proposal that could well go down in history as one of the most awkward ones ever.

SINGAPORE: Gold 90.5FM radio deejay Tim Oh revealed Friday that he and former Channel NewsAsia news presenter Sabrina Chua will be tying the knot on June 14!

He said it was pretty much love at first sight.

“I was offered the role of presenter on Channel NewsAsia's 'BlogTV' in 2011. When I was undergoing training, Sabrina was also involved and she saw me wandering the halls trying to find the studio. She called out to me and that's the first time we spoke.

“I admit my heart skipped a beat as I was very taken with her. We hit it off immediately and while we never actually got a chance to partner on the show together, a different partnership soon developed,” said Tim Oh.

“We had a similar childhood and shared many common experiences without actually ever meeting each other. We also think the same way and usually finish each other’s sentences. Sometimes we'll blurt something out at the same time. It's just a really good connection.”

He popped the question while they were on vacation in scenic Santorini, Greece but things didn’t quite go as planned.

“Initially I'd planned on proposing halfway during the trip, but the first evening we were in Santorini (famed for its sunsets) the view was so beautiful from our villa that I thought it would be perfect right there and then,” said the radio deejay.

“So as the sun prepared to drop into the ocean, I dropped down on one knee. Her reaction was very unexpected - she started crying at which point I forgot what I wanted to say and muddled up my planned speech and ended up muttering ‘Would you do me the honour of being my husband?’

“Then I proceeded to put the ring on the wrong finger. On hindsight it was quite comical.”

Still, it was one impressive ring he had put on the wrong finger – the ring was a Cartier-inspired design with a 1.2-carat square radiant diamond.

“Did it cost a bundle? Well it wasn't cheap.

“A couple years ago I'd starred in a Channel 5 comedy called ‘Le Bisellahaus’ and I'd decided that I would save whatever I made from that entire experience on an eventual engagement ring and that's exactly what I did. Although it turned out I still had to top up a little on the ring.”

The couple’s wedding ceremony will take place at the Armenian Church, and there will be not one, but two wedding dinners – a banquet for their family members and colleagues, as well as a more intimate dinner at a Brazilian restaurant for their old friends.

The radio deejay said he will let his wife-to-be handle all the planning for their wedding.

“My fiancee’s one of those girls who had dreamed about her wedding since she was a teenager, so going into this I knew she'd have a much better idea about planning a wedding.

“She's taken the reins in most of the planning and I've been given a few select tasks such as picking what kind of music we'll play during the ceremony and the dinner."

“Other than that my responsibility is to manage my own guest list and show up at the right time and place in an approved outfit,” he said.

When asked about his thoughts on starting a family, he said that both he and his wife-to-be are in no hurry to have children.

“I think we're going to hold off on the kids for a little while and enjoy our married life. We've got a place of our own now and our work hours are anything but regular, so we'd like to just take a breather for a bit before starting a family.

“I'm reminded by my relatives that as the last remaining male in this family generation it's up to me to have kids and carry on the line, but I'm not fussed,” said Tim Oh.

“Should Sabrina and I have kids (she's very good with them too), I'm cool with having just one. This way, I can shower all my love on one little angel. Ok, maybe two if you include my wife.”

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