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Old songs and burnt hair: Jesseca Liu counts her Blessings

The actress had to be rescued from a burning building and underwent special training to sing songs from the 40s, for the Channel 8 drama.

SINGAPORE: Actress Jesseca Liu said the shoot for upcoming drama Blessings was one with "a lot of firsts" for her.

"It's the first time I sang a song from the 40s for a show, and the first time I had to play someone from that era," said Liu at a media conference on Wednesday (July 16).

"It was quite tough because my voice isn't really suited for old songs. I had to take a few days of singing classes with a vocal coach before we recorded the song."

She added that the shoot for the light-hearted drama was memorable as it contained a scene in which she had to wait to be rescued from a burning building.

"The scene was shot over three days. It was fine at first but you only really get scared when the burning starts. I could feel my eyebrows getting singed! By the end of it, Shaun (co-star Shuan Chen) and I smelt of burnt hair because the flames were so strong!"

Blessings is a drama about a man, played by Shaun, who accidentally travels back in time. He falls in love with the character played by Jesseca, which makes him wonder which era he would rather be in. MediaCorp's Channel 8 will air the drama at 9pm, Monday to Friday, from July 23 to Aug 19.

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