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Painful breakup sparked Belinda Lee's passion for volunteer work

Singapore actress Belinda Lee talks about becoming World Vision Singapore’s Goodwill Ambassador, and how a painful breakup three years ago sparked her passion for volunteer work.

SINGAPORE: Singapore actress Belinda Lee has recently been appointed a Goodwill Ambassador for the non-profit organisation World Vision Singapore.

“World Vision’s values and strong focus on alleviating poverty and improving the lives of children worldwide resonates deeply with what I want to achieve at this stage of my life, to give back and to speak out for the voiceless,” said Lee in a media statement.

Speaking at World Vision Singapore’s Saving our Girls dialogue session on Sunday, her first official appearance as Goodwill Ambassador, Lee revealed that she became acutely aware of the importance of helping others, after undergoing a painful breakup three years ago that left her very depressed.

“Three years ago, I had to walk out of my six-year relationship (with her ex-fiance) and start all over again.

“It was one of the lowest points [in my life], but it was also a turning point,” said Lee.

“At the time, I was still travelling and working, and I met people who were in worse situations than I was. Can you imagine a cancer patient in Mongolia telling me that life is worth living even though she knew she was dying?”

“It made the breakup seem like nothing at all! That was when I knew I cannot just sit there and do nothing about my life.”

Since then, Lee had been actively involved in volunteer work and she said she found it immensely rewarding.

“When I help children, say Down’s syndrome kids, they come and give you the tightest hug ever. This hug is more precious than anything money can buy, because this hug comes straight from the kid’s heart.

“He shows you he has got nothing to give you other than his love,” said Lee with moist eyes.

The actress went on to reveal that she intends to start a “social club” so that her fans and those interested in doing volunteer work can come together to help others.

“I wanted to start this social club instead of a fan club because a lot of my fans want to help, but I don’t have a platform for them to do so,” explained Lee.

She hoped that members of the club would be able to do volunteer work with the knowledge that “every effort, every dollar they put in goes towards [supporting] a cause”.

Although she is now busy travelling to places around the world to shoot a new season of the travelogue “Find Me A Singaporean”, Lee said she will still do her best to find time to do volunteer work and carry out her duties as World Vision Singapore’s Goodwill Ambassador, and will be heading for Nepal in October to meet one of the two children she sponsors.

“I think helping people should become a lifestyle, a way of life for each and every one of us, it shouldn't be [something to do] only ‘when I’m free’,” said Lee.

“If all of us can embrace this mentality, this world will be a better place.”

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