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Penny Tai wants to get hitched this year

Malaysian singer-producer Penny Tai says she intends to tie the knot with her "future husband", Sidney Lu, this year.

TAIPEI: Malaysian singer-producer Penny Tai said she intends to tie the knot this year with her "future husband", Sidney Lu, when she met the media after the 25th Golden Melody Awards on Saturday, reported Taiwan media.

Tai,who is currently living with Lu, whom she has been dating for the past five years, went on to praise him for his devotion.

“A week before the Golden Melody Awards, he was also very nervous but tried to hide it from me.

“He secretly did some very thoughtful little things like feed the dog and replace the toilet paper in the bathroom,” said Tai, who was named Best Mandarin Female Singer at this year's Golden Melody Awards.

When asked if she plans to have children in the near future, the 36-year-old singer-producer said she isn’t in any hurry, and would “let nature take its course” after they register their marriage.

She also hemmed and hawed when quizzed about how Lu had proposed to her.

Tai relented in the end and said Lu had popped the question in front of her family, but declined to give any more details.

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